Improvisation: Meditation in D (and upon writing with other musicians in mind)

While I am composing major projects, there is almost always other music floating around and bubbling up...

I also take this "interlude" in posting progress on "Deep River" and "Lord, I Want to be a Christian in My Heart" to begin to answer a question posed to me by @carlgnash on my latest post around "Deep River." I quote Mr. Nash: " Do you already have a choir/performance in mind or is this more of a compose it and see what comes next sort of thing?"

The answer, in brief: Yes.

Let me explain. At heart I compose because it is what I do. I create because it is what I do. However, the "romantic" days of just waiting on inspiration and then waiting on other people to find the music created are over -- in fact, a good read of music history suggests those days never existed except in fantasy. Today, the competition for attention is WAY too fierce for any sort of passivity to be effective. Even the idea of completing something and THEN going afterward to find folks who might be interested is a little slow.

A lot of my friends are marketers. Although their view of the world is quite different from mine, I am trying out what they say about creating the audience and the participants while you create whatever it is that you have to offer. Now what they ACTUALLY said was create a market while you are creating your product, but you see how I edited that up, right?

@jessamynorchard actually confirmed that whole line of thinking by laying out how to operate as a musician on Steemit: bring people into the process and the inspiration. There is a ton of music out there: there are not many chances to watch composers at work. I have one other advantage. I am the author of The Freedom Guide for Music Creators, meaning, I understand copyright and know precisely what to do to those rare, hapless souls who want to steal music. Therefore I am not afraid to share my work, as I likewise will not be afraid of ROBUSTLY defending what is mine if and when I decide to do that (and of course, the blockchain provides even MORE evidence of when work was created and put forth).

I digress. The point I was trying to make was that I do start composing first, but I start looking for performers and ensembles who are looking for music while in the process. At present there is a big door open in front of me in terms of approaching singers, and one HUGE door is opening and another to open soon in terms of short symphonic works. So, guess what I am focusing my major composition efforts on right now? Like I said: the answer to all of it is YES -- yes, I will be humble enough to not just create for myself, but to find out what is needed and put work where it is wanted.

The latter is also the the reason I am here on Steemit. YES.

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This is so Nice, @bengy this is my new friend and i Will feature her in the next @pifc but wanted to pre-introduce her to you cause you are a great musician too,
I wish you both a great day


Heh! I featured her last night for @pifc! But it is nice to see some decent musicians arriving here!


Really CRAP Hihi I was late , well I love to connect and find out we love the Same newbies


I'm SO glad not to be ranked among the indecent, although I haven't met any yet! Thank you!


Thank you so much, friend!


You are very Welcome deeann

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