"Dove's Waltz" -- a starting place

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(Before I begin, I noticed today that my upvotes appear to be worth a whole cent today. EITHER I have already crossed some Rubicon of Steemit planktonhood, or, someone has delegated a BUNCH of SP to me -- I mean, like a cargo ship's worth if my understanding of Steemit math is correct. The fact that I have not been here three weeks says the second option must be it, so, whoever you are, wherever you are, THANK YOU!!!!!!)

All right, we now return to our day's trip to my proverbial composer's work desk... This whole thing with the song of doves has gotten stuck in my mind... I really do detest the idea of the "mourning dove" because I just don't hear that in that sound. So, I kept on thinking about it ... the notes are sitting in the E flat minor scale, so that means they are also sitting in the G flat major scale as well. Because I work so much with the pentatonic scale, that little E flat hanging up there from the song of the dove does not even pose so much as a hiccup in G flat major to me, so ...

My waltzing and stride piano playing have sort of merged and it still needs smoothing out, but I may put this together for orchestra too ... I do enjoy writing waltzes ... even from my childhood composer days I used to put a bunch of them out. I have orchestrated exactly two, but if I get time on my hands there might be two or three more, although I have got to deal with whatever I am going to do with what I already have available ... and that's after I finish with the Negro Spirituals I am working with...

Prolific composer life... piles of music needing equal time spent getting the music out ... I'm forever playing catch up, though not blowing bubbles...

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