When She Is Mad...................... || Original Love Poems.

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Just a normal talk,
Is what I thought,
But with a trick of words,
After that I was caught,

Suddenly the smiling angel,
Became a red face,
I knew what's coming ahead,
Got myself in the brace,

Her nose turned red,
With the anger on top,
Stamping noises came,
From her flip-flops,

Her soft blinking eyes,
Got big and it stared,
I knew this time,
She is really mad.

But looking at her,
I wasn't really scared,
Cause even thought she is angry,
She is still my princes blonde haired,

So whether she is happy angel,
Or angry lady and kinda sad,
I still love my girl,
Even when she gets mad.

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I love you, My angel.


Live, love, laugh and that's how a perfect life goes on...

Life is never perfect, but its the people around you that makes it beautiful. Perfect life is a myth.

naawww, thats adorable :D