I Remember Still................. || Original Love Poems.

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I remember still,
The day I saw you,
There was something within,
That's all I ever knew,

A thought crossed my mind,
That she is the one,
That special girl,
Out of the other billion,

While I stood there,
Into my heart you slowly tip-toed,
You stole my heart I know,
Walking gently down the life road,

I made mistakes and some errors,
You might have done the same,
But I never knew that,
When my everything is what you became,

I wasn't a poet,
Neither I could sing,
But you turned my world upside down,
Like giving a broken bird its wings,

So while we are getting now,
So close to one another,
I just want to be your knight,
With that shining armor,

So what I say now,
Is always out of my heart,
There is nothing right now,
That can set us apart.

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Wish you all out there who love someone, to be with him/her for your entire lifetime :]

I Love You, my angel,


I remember still
The day I met you
How you made me laugh
And how close we grew
You became my protector
When things got bad
And made me smile
Even though I was sad
So here's a quick thanks
For all that you do
And just need to say
I love you

I remember still,
The day I saw you,
You became my missing part,
Just a matter of time dues,
Your man might be,
Act a little dumb,
You might feel like,
I am a little numb,
But after all these days,
Weeks and months passed by,
I just want to reply you now,
I love you, you girl, oh my!


Love bird..
How pretty!!!
i like your poetry!!
thanks for sharing.

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