Her Photograph........................... || Original Love Poems.

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Walking down the street, I saw a girl,
As in her eyes I saw, the world started to swirl,
She was nothing different, but something I just felt,
Like she had me possessed, in her love spell,

Like she smiled, and just touched my heart,
Like a new love story, now with a great start,
Flew down she came, gently across the street,
Stepping into my heart, with her soft feet,

Stood there in disbelief, of what an angel I have seen,
Just wanna hold her, and ask where have you been?
From the very first moment, I knew she was mine,
Met her in an unusual way, like an eternal sign,

I still remember her, black t-shirt that she wore,
Colour of evil & mystery, but that look I adore,
Her smile whispered, a million things in my ears,
Every story of her smile, and every pain of her tears,

But still she got that, tiny little spark in her,
Like to all my questions, she is the only answer,
I caught myself now, staring at her like a dumb,
Like I am in the cage, and she is my freedom,

So just wanna get that, feeling of her touch,
Just wanna hold her hand, and love her so much,
But she is not there, and then loudly I laugh,
After all I realized it was just, her photograph.

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Wish you all out there who love someone, to be with him/her for your entire lifetime :]

I Love You, my angel,


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