Jay went back to work and the to-do list is still 10miles long!

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Well, Jay went back to work again for two weeks. Our entire relationship he has worked 2 weeks in and 2 weeks out for the most part, sometimes it has been longer in and less out. It definitely doesn't get easier. My heart aches for him every time he has to leave, he truly is my very best friend!💕
So I sit here drinking my Chaga tea wishing he was home and avoiding the big list of things I could be doing which I do every time for the whole day after he leaves, I just feel lost really...
I am hoping that with our cryptocurrency investments and with my posts on Steemit that eventually he can be home and we can just live off of what the land gives us and just enjoy each others company everyday. Until then we will continue to work hard to become more self-sustaining, self-sufficient and self-reliant in every way.


But its time for me to get the house back in order, it tends to get a bit out of hand when he is home since we get so busy with other things, lol.
Some things on my list I would like to get done while he is at work is:
-go dig up some tiny spruce and jackpines to replant in my yard.
-try propagating some lilacs from a neighbors tree.
-get a load backfill dirt every time I make my way into town(probably once or twice) to start banking up the house a bit, fill in some holes in the lawn and around the shit tanks.
-I might also start cutting some poplar trees we had fallen a few years back, as long as my allergies to them let me.
-get my garden planted (probably next weekend)
-start hauling limestone rocks to border my garden
-get Granny some firewood for in her camper
-clean up any garbage thrown along the highway by my driveway and any rocks pushed in when it was plowed, so the lawn will be ready to mow out there.

Snoopy out for wheelbarrow rides.



Oh my gosh Snoopy is a ham!
I feel ya on two weeks on two weeks off. There are a lot of people who do that here in Alaska too.
I want some lilacs, hubby won’t let me, he says the moose will eat them. 😔 I love lilacs
I hear ya on cutting trees your allergic too. I’m allergic to birch, and a chunk shot into my eye. Yeah that fucking SUCKED! Even with my glasses on wood chips still find a way 😒
I got some soil( from the store) today to plant carrots. I have to make sure the damn potato planters are thawed. I have to scrape off the thawed layer and then wait and repeat. Last thing I am planting is purple carrots.
Has granny seen her walking path? Did she like it?
We are doing clean up around the house too. Then need to help pick up the highway.

Lilacs smell soo good! I'd like to try to make some lilac syrup lol
I love birch but I don't have that many around the yard it's mostly the poplars and TONS of them! Last summer I had asked a guy from down the highway to come haul them out (he sells firewood)free for the taking just haul'em outta here, he ended up hauling out 10 cords worth. He had left all the smaller ones which was fine, it still left me a bit of work but it was better than me bucking up 10 cords of shit poplar.
Granny loved her campsite makeover!

Damn that’s a lot of wood! I would have kept it for burning. People here hate cotton wood because it makes a lot of ash. Hell it burn and create heat, I have to clean out the ashes anyways, I put them on my flower beds so no biggie.
I had no idea about lilac syrup! That’s crazy cool!

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