Fishing trip with Dallas and his buddy, Dom.


Followed this guy for a few kilometers, on the quad ride to the lake.


The road is getting wet and soggy in a few spots.





I found this martin skull on the lake, I will take it home cook it off and put it with the beaver skull in my bathroom.

Dallas getting some holes drilled, the ice is still nice and thick.

Rubber boots are a must. lol

I brought up this jack and it came off my hook in the hole. It didn't want to go back down the hole, so I ate it. ;)

Here comes Dallas's jack..


Had a perch bugging my bait so I put on a smaller hook for it to nibble on, but noooo, it only wanted to play silly perch games.

As the day went on the lake got more and more wet.

The ice started to rise and the water on top started draining like a big bathtub

It was a bit windy and really wet but it was a great day, caught two jack and one pickerel.

The boys, pissing around on the way back.




Supper is on!




Looks like a great day and very rewarding! :) It looks like things have warmed up a bit! Man those quads look fun in the mud! Haha. The fish looks delicious! Great post! Steem on!

Thanks! Yes it’s definitely getting warmer!
You think that mud looks fun...just wait until I post some of our trips into the cabin this summer!! Always a blast!
The fish was soo good, I prefer Jackfish over the Pickerel. :)

I want to ice fishing, but in my region there is no ice, what if the fish is bigger than the hole you make friends?

Maybe you’ll have to make a trip to go ice fishing!
You can buy different sized ice auger blades 6inch, 8inch and 10inch. I have the 8inch auger blade and I haven’t had any trouble bringing up a fish yet, now if I was fishing for Lake Trouts I would more then likely NEED the 10inch.
Thanks for viewing! :)

maybe if i have a longer holiday, i will be fishing on ice .. your tools are complete 👍, i will always see your post, because i am also lovers of fishing ... greetings from indonesia friends.

Awesome I need to do that again!

It's always fun times!

The mind is enjoying a lot of you. The delicious delicacy is seen in the eyes, how is it to eat?

Hope @ leemlaframboise alot of enjoy there. You all are looking great. I love nature beauty because Love of beauty is taste.And god create every thing perfect.

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