videos and pictures of white ball insects

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Hello all my friends

today, I have prepared again, videos and images of insects, which we often call, white-ball insects, which in their lives are almost the same as other types of insects, however, what distinguishes these insects, only in the colors that are, in whole his body.

so that you can find out, what kind of insect I mean above, I have also prepared images, which I photograph using the Macro Photogaraphy Technique, see the picture below:


picture of white ball insects


picture of white ball insects


picture of white ball insects


picture of white ball insects


picture of white ball insects


picture of white ball insects


picture of white ball insects


picture of white ball insects


picture of white ball insects


picture of white ball insects

How ...
surely you will say "very unique colors of all these insects".

definitely ...
because these insects have colors, like:

  1. brownish black (in the whole body)
  2. white (in the body color pattern)
  3. pink (on the head)

so ....
the overall color of this insect, it is very beautiful, if we see it, during the day, because it will emit, the color that is in the body, this insect.

These insects, very like to eat, especially the leaf tops, although these insects, have a habit, in preying on other insects, such as:

  1. small ants
  2. ant eggs
  3. leaf pests
  4. pest eggs

even so, this type is very good at avoiding, the threat of other insects, because it can quickly, hide, under leaf plants, see the picture below:


picture of white ball insects


picture of white ball insects

like the picture above, this insect, will hide, behind the leaf plants, even if it is seen by it, only the edge of the camera, but, for them, what kind of animal, which is facing their faces, he thought (hehhehehe)

my friends all
where ever you are

those are some of the explanations above, which ended, my explanation, today, hopefully all of you, can act as usual,

I end
greetings to all

from me @sultan-Aceh

Tips to DTubers and Photographer

  1. be careful, this type, may bring disease, which we do not know, to our body.

Camera usedCannon 1300D
Lens CameraEF-S 18-55mm
LocationForest Aceh

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Hi @sultan-aceh

White ball insects are special in color, but beautiful



thank u come here again @xpilar