Changes in type and color of leaf pests in Aceh's forests

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Hello, all my friends

Changes in type and color of leaf pests in Aceh's forests

today I will show you all, small types of pests that are often called pests, I will explain from beginning to end, these types of pests grow and change types, this type, after changes in body and type, will be a predator of other types of insects which are often called hunter insects, this type of insect, will not care about the size of large or small, for food, because the food needs of this type of insect, classified as large, in order to survive in groups.

what kind of pests I mean, let's look together, types of pests that have not changed types and colors below :


display of a single black insect


display of a single black insect


display of a single black insect

Changes in color and shape

below, I have prepared a number of images, which you can notice, in the process of changing the color of these types of pests, starting with black pests, like the three pictures above, until, pests turn red, and will change to another color, to light brown, as we see together, in the picture.

let us see the picture below :


display of the insect turns red


display of the insect turns red


display of the insect turns red

You can see, that the process of changing types and colors, has been seen in the picture, even though the process is very long, I still observe the occurrence of this change, so that all of you, can know in detail, for the benefit of knowledge.

let's look again below


display of the insect turns red


display of the insect turns red


display of the insect turns red

Insect leaf pests

This type of bug, including the types of insects that are classified as picking, in spreading disease to all types of foliage that exists. selected leaf types for example:

  • thick leaves
  • fibrous leaves
  • leaves that do not wilt easily
  • leaves that last a long time even withered branches

those are some of the leaves that are often targeted by this type of insect. to spread some of the causes of leaves easily wilt and damage.

Habit of Pests

This type of pest habit, above the leaf, is nothing but waiting for some benefits to be enjoyed, for example:

  • waiting for prey
  • eat leaf buds
  • dry the body after changing skin
  • etc

then it is not surprising, the types of leaves and fruit that are infested with this type of pest often wither and rotten, because this type of pest, in addition to preying on other types of insects, for example;

  • small ant
  • ant eggs
  • another small pest

also very fond of, peeling, all parts of the skin of fruits, for example:

  • orange peel
  • coffee fruit skin

which always become the target of this type of pest.

Description Image display

in the picture below, you can see, this pest is right above the thorny forest fruit "pecet fruit" This type of fruit is always seen in two seasons, the rainy season and the dry season.

if the dry season has arrived, this type of fruit, will be used as a gathering place, this type of pest group, other benefits of this type of fruit used as a gathering place for this type of pest, are:

  • placement of insect eggs
  • this pest eggs will be safer
  • developing more of these pests
  • do not get interference from other types of pests

those are some explanations that I know about, I know these types of leaf pests.


display of the insect turns red


display of the insect turns red

How ....
surely you have seen and read from my explanation, which I know from the life of these types of pests, to the changes in color and shape.

may be useful for you all, to maintain the growth of flowers or plants in your garden all, while doing some things, for example:

  • provide fertilizer
  • flush pest control
  • caring for and maintaining the garden regularly

from some of the above sequence, hopefully your plants can grow and develop, avoid pests, to get fertile and beautiful results.

that is what I can say, I end with the words, greetings @sultan-aceh

Camera usedCannon 1300D
Lens CameraEF-S 18-55mm


That is first time I hear about such insects that can change their colors, very weird, how long it takes for them to change color and how quickly they turn black again?

Hi @stef1

thank you for asking


This type of insect will survive from the visible red, will change color in the next few days, black to red, red to brown, this brown color, will change again into insects that have a metallic shiny color.

This color change, usually only just a few hours ahead, depends on the blazing sun that will shine, this type, will change color, by hiding behind the leaves, within a certain time, and will regroup with his group.

Mother nature has so many tricks for different species for survival :)

yes ..@stef1 . just need time to examine it
by putting a surveillance camera :=)

Very professional, very beautiful photos. You are great.

thank you so much

Amazing photos, I'm impressed

thank you so much

Common insects,, nice short

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thank you so much

for you

thank you so much

Hey @sultan-aceh, here is a little bit of BEER from @eii for you. Enjoy it!

thank you so much

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Awesome insects life style photo

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Oe poe long, cukop lagak bit gamba kali nyoe. Hna long komen sapu, bah long nikmati manteng keindahan foto droneuh tampilkan 😍

Your photography skills are really incredible :)

thank you so much @blazing

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