Beginning always tough, but without giving u blue skies will reflect white"

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Dear Steemian,

Beginning always tough, but without giving u blue skies will reflect white"

Sometimes ago, a couple get wedded and everything was moving well, they had two kids together and they raised those two together, the boy is dad favorite, while the girl mum favorite.

They both wrote their final secondary school education, but the girl passed while the boy failed, mum proud of her girl, praises her,the second year the girl passed the second exam's and started her university education, while that of a boy still in struggling to pass his secondary school final year examination.

Dad, almost lost interest in his favorite son, every time, dad will be reminding the boy to see how sister is progressing in her academic career, this always make the boy sadden, but his father won't let him alone, he kept on motivate his favorite son.

The boy will Cheer up and concentrate more on his education and in the fifth times the boy got excellent results, not that alone he was offered a scholarship to study in any university of his choice in Abroad; when dad heard of the good news, he said he knows you will overcome this, white skys finally appear and not darken/blue skys like before, in life no matter how failure is much , one shouldn't never give up the fight.

mage source: @xpilar digital artwork, look at his blog to see more wonderful digital creativity.

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