Improvising on Principal Stops

in organmusic •  5 months ago 

After I played some music of Cesar Franck, I decided it would be nice to improvise a little because tomorrow I'm leaving to go to Torun, Poland where on Saturday I will play all Lithuanian organ music recital during the International music festival "ProBaltica" at the Cathedral.

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Hey! An organist. :D
Had a concert with an organist 2 weeks ago. (Did J. S. Bach, J. B. Lully, G. F. Händel, J. Bull)
Went pretty well. :)

So rarely do i run into classical musicians on Steemit. Musicians are extremely unappreciated here, let alone classical musicians.

I know... It is up to musicians then to appreciate themselves, haha!

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You are right there. :)
Check out the @openmic competition or #classical-music tab if you decide to appreciate a few of the struggling musicians.
I do pretty well Steem-wise (considering the price. I have 1 great guy thats an Orca supporting my content) and i do pretty well in the openmic competition but there are plenty of musicians there that could use a boost. :)

I also participate in openmic and use classical-music tag.

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Great! Then ill see you around. :)

very nice, I like it alot.

Excellent performance, international festival is a significant event, I wish you success

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