Nomadic Community Gardens - An Organic Oasis In The City Of London

in organic •  3 months ago


How are you doing today? I hope you're doing very well indeed.

Come with me to the hippie oasis in the heart of Shoreditch that is the Nomadic Community Gardens

If you're looking for a great place to spend a relaxing summer afternoon with friends, this is the perfect place for you

Positive vibes only!



Peace and Love ✌🏿

All copy and photos are original content by me.

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Wow! That's a lot of color in there, I love it. Such an arty place, I bet it's every artist's little haven.


Yeah, it's a big colour splash in the middle of this grey city :) And .. yeah that's the arty district haha.


If there's wine I'm good to go lol


It looks incredible, every city should have a couple of these. I guess there’s no place like London.


You're right. There's no place like London. That's for sure :)

Nice. Love the background artistry

I am not a city dweller now, but when I was in London and then in the West Midlands finding these oases hidden away in little unseen corners was always like finding secret piles of treasure.

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They're always amazing to find.
Hey I just discovered your A Dollar A Day project this morning! Awesome work!


Thank you - if you would like to support A Dollar A Day through any donations or delegation that would be most welcome.