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RE: 18, 000 Syrian Children have had their Organs Harvested Over the Last 6 Years

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the UN is the new world order, is the problem, with the NGOs. Create war, make money, go in during chaos, steal children and women and organs, and money. leave without helping. leave shadow governments in control violently shaping your agenda around the world, while you attempt to summon demons and merge man with machine and bring Lucifer back to this realm.. you see time.. is space.. the lucifer telescope on the vatican is looking for lucifer.. in time. they are attempting to open a stargate to the distance space location that is in the past... get it?

oh and the pope is satanic and totally in on this too, kid killing and raping, etc. there may be reptilian creatures.

The gods of ancient egypt were real, we are the spawn of space aliens, etc. ALL of this is true. You'll find out soon enough, as this rabbit hole is fucking insane, but to the best of my hundreds of hours of research and sanity questioning, i realized that nothing else explains the evidence.. Good luck with the coming global currency reset that will be the worst financial event in history, followed by possible civil war, followed by... dunno. good luck this year. it starts basically now.


Keep researching, but do it with an eye to the possibilities, as well as the threats. This is whence survival will come. Make yourself aware of the threats, know thine enemy, but prepare and learn what you need to make it through.

question everything. accept truth when it is true in your heart. do not be deceived by wicked men, they are easy to see in this particular shade of light.

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