working for self independence from the boss mentality

in orderlyrant •  11 months ago

Crypto currencies has given me new freedoms of what to fill my days time with, I used to slave for boss', have them comand me with a blank mind, no more thanks to the new new. Give thanks to God for all he does, we are all divine and should enjoy ourselves, not wage war, but instead feed the hungry, heal the sick, poray to God and ask for his forgivness from your (my) past sins.

But, back to the mopney, I am restlessly working towards paying off massive bills, and restoreing my credit, not to mention my whole family is being tax audited, all in good fun, dont forget, its how u play the game, not if your a winer or looser. Good luck to all u players out ther today, God be with you, for he doeds love the who world.

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