Orchi Palar aka Ngu Wei Sin 's made-up Rolex Daytona 6264 with serial 2425736 discovered by Perezcope aka Jose Pereztroika

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Orchi Palar aka Ngu Wei Sin involved in some serious and disturbing manipulation of high-end vintage watches.


While exploring the interesting hashtags #orchi_palar and #orchipalar on Instagram, The ExOrc(h)ist came across a stunning post made by the controversial Panerai detective Perezcope aka Jose Pereztroika on Nov. 7, 2018.


Check this out folks! Remember the mal-asian charlatan bragging about getting a “Paul Newman” Daytona 6264? (case number 2425736) He was just a middleman, but before sending the watch to a 3rd party in HK, the nonsense trafficker transferred all components of the watch into a different case (3rd pic, screw positions!) Personally confronted with this fact, he immediately deleted a specific post (pic 4,5 & 6). What do you think where the watch originally came from? That’s right, from @antiquorumgeneve - where else? How much more of a hypocrite can one be?

Perezcope's post proves Orchi Palar aka Ngu Wei Sin is involved in some serious and disturbing manipulation of high-end vintage watches.

In summer 2018, Orchi Palar started bragging about the acquisition of a Rolex Daytona 6264 with Paul Newman "Panda" dial. "Come to daddy", he wrote on several occasions.


The watch he was referring to was a Rolex Daytona 6264 with serial 2425736 sold by Monaco Legends Auction in cooperation with Antiquorum in July 2018. The watch fetched more than 243,000 Euros.


Orchi promoted this watch over and over again. Most pictures originated form the Antiquorum online catalogue. The pictures showing the numbers between the lugs were taken by himself once he received the watch or parts of it.


"Genuine honest" watch huh? Wait and see... Our Chinese wannabe watch scholar was truly obsessed with this watch. He kept posting pictures of it on a daily basis. People were asking themselves, where did our humble Orchi get the money from to buy such a high-end watch?

Did he finally get access to his deceased father in law's bank account?


Another of Orchi's gollages promoting the watch.


At some point, Orchi posted the following collage. The watch was without a doubt in his possesion. Both wrist shots clearly show his hairless Chinese arms. In case you didn't know, Orchi Palar aka Ngu Wei Sin is a Chinese with Malaysian passport.

This collage proves he opened the watch and played around with the components for whatever reason.


See the open watch showing the movement? By posting this picture, Orchi made a serious mistake. Remember, most of his followers are brainless newbies. Orchi knows that very well and thought nobody would notice anything.


Compare this picture to the picture published by Antiquorum in their catalogue. The case is different!!!


While the movement is still the same. Check the position of the screws. According to Perezcope aka Jose Pereztroika, the position of the screws is unique like a finger print.


Orchi Palar aka Ngu Wei Sin transferred all components of the watch into a different case, making the Rolex Daytona with serial 2425736 the ultimate Frankenstein watch.

It appears that Perezcope aka Jose Pereztroika personally confronted Orchi with what he had discovered. This is Orchi's Instagram account before Perezcope contacted him. See the collage in the center?


And this is Orchi's account seconds after Perezcope confronted him. The collage is gone!!! Orchi immediately deleted the picture to erase any trace.


Orchi Bipolar has clearly something to hide. Once exposed, he published a lame excuse on his Instagram account that Antiquorum made a mistake in the listing and quickly moved on to divert the attention to other topics. His excuse was of course total bs and did not explain how the very same movement was found in two different cases.

Orchi Palar knows exactly, once this information is revealed, the value of the watch in question is gone. He is desperately trying to keep this secret. The new owner with the hairy arms won't be very amused to learn his new watch is one of Orchi's Frankenstein watches.


Here is another of Orchi's frankensteined watches, a Rolex GMT Ref. 6542 in which he installed a white dial of questionable provenance and a fake bezel insert. On the bottom left you can see the original dial of that watch.


Compare the missing lume in the minute hand.


In December 2018, Orchi claimed this made-up watch was an "all original barn find". Orchi Palar aka Ngu Wei Sin just can't help himself. He's always creating his own reality and he'll tell any fable or make up any fact to have his way. Orchi Palar is a serial liar and a total hypocrite.


Orchi's system of diverting attention away from him and his associates onto others is falling apart. This wannabe scholar is the biggest hypocrite in the vintage watch world. He harasses others but he is no better. As a matter of fact, Orchi Palar aka Ngu Wei Sin is highly corrupt. Malaysia, after all, is one of the most corrupt countries on the planet.

Some dealers who got badly harassed and attacked by him bought some of his watches in an attempt to mellow him down. Elvio Piva (Instagram: @tempus2) was one of them. Orchi used to attack him on a daily basis.


Guess what, Orchi has become their best friend ever since. No more attacks!!! No more harassment!!! Or have you ever heard Orchi bad-mouthing Elvio Piva again?


Elvio Piva (far left) & Orchi Palar aka Ngu Wei Sin (far right) at the watch fair in Parma after they "made peace".

So if Orchi is attacking you, just buy one of his low grade watches or simply send him some money via Paypal ([email protected]). He will immediately leave you alone.

@exorchist will soon be back with: Orchi Palar's littlebirds exposed – One by One

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