Orpah Tells Non Voters "You Disrespect Your Ancestors By Not Voting"

in oprah •  4 months ago

This was a pretty powerful story that Oprah shared while talking to a crowd about the importance of voting. She addressed the people who do not vote as well, saying "You are disrespecting your ancestors, by not voting". She has a huge point, that she makes through the story of ... a man she did not know.

Black people often face a difficult problem when it comes to this topic. Both parties clearly seem to be two wings of the same bird. Neither, truly seeks to help black people specifically, with any of the multitude of issues, this nation created for black people. Being told to pull themselves up by bootstraps they do not own, has been ... the American Way.

But, meanwhile, there is this mechanism of this society that does allow for 'some' change to occur. Problem is, as a nation, not just in the black community, participation is low. Our democracy rests upon voter participation -when people don't vote, the nation will be controlled by fringe groups, and people with immoral goals and desires.

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