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in opensource •  2 years ago

Have you ever lamented the walled gardens of Twitter, Slack or other messaging platforms? and have created an exceptional decentralized Open Source Software stack with built in end-to-end encryption for you to use.

A shared workspace for the web which returns power to the user! Riot is the information manager or client you can install in your browser or any platform for the homeserver messaging system.

Riot Features

  • Group chat
  • Voip Video Calling
  • File Transfer
  • Bridge Networks
  • Integrations
  • End-To-End Crypto

You can find services to connect to or run your own server by using the Matrix homeserver.

Matrix tries to bridge existing networks and technologies such as Slack, Discord, Telegram

I heard about Riot while listening to Free Talk Live today. They were talking about how to get activists away from Facebook because Facebook is so ineffective as a tool to collaborate. This looks like an interesting tool. I think I'll do an install and review in the next week or so.


Scott Gregory |

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An interesting project that if it came close to steemit could experience a huge success (and why not replace this messenger of shit)


Lol. Yup, maybe so. I never get on the Steemit chat.