Steemit Open Mic week 73: ABBA-lele

in openmic •  last year

We're having an evening of Eurovision music at our pub session and there will be a mass rendition of this song. I needed to practice it and thought I may as well enter it from Open Mic. Sorry about the distorted sound. My uke must be louder than I thought.

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Rock on!

I'm Steve, the geeky guitarist.

I'll buy guitar picks for Steem Dollars

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great Job Steev! Good to see the ol' steemfest uke out :) I bet that was a good night at the pub ;) x

Waterloo is one of my favorite song of Abba!!! Everytime I think about the Abba, I think about their glam style, fantastic!


I hope I didn't spoil the song for you. Maybe I should have dressed up a bit for this :)

Great version of Waterloo! Really liked the play on the ukulele and nice steemit stickers to decorate it!

Your night at the pub sounds like a lot of fun!


They are. We have a great crowd of people of all levels. It's a great environment to learn to perform

you are a brave man with lots of talent. sounds like it's going to be a lot of fun and good talent with plenty of beer.
I just recently for the first time played in front of people 4 songs and my anxiety was through the roof. I needed scotch on my side.
once it was over i was better for it.
I hope you will get some footage for us


You can find plenty of my videos on my channel. I used to be nervous about performing, but I got over it. What's the worst that could happen? I generally play to people I know.

First open mic this week, and I already love it :)
This will be a good week!

Abba is another pop band I - admit - enjoy. Your version is just great! Thanks!!!

Great job :) Abba is of all styles and all times :) Thanks !!

Nice try👍 keep it up. You really did good.
No problem for the sound, next time will make it up.
I listen your song by headphone🎶🎹
Wish you a better outcome.
Upvoted done

Wow, how unexpected is this... ABBA meets george Formby - great stuuf good luck in the comp :)

Love the Abba song Steevc. I enjoy watching your open mic videos. Keeps me inspired to learning my guitar


Your music always makes me happy dear friend. Have a great weekend @steevc

although the ukulele overshadowed your voice but turned out to be nice cause i have to listen to the rhythm more...lols.. ;-p


It's hard to get the right audio balance. I need to set up a better mic.

Music for the mind...
Every Singer singing song core of heart by nice words but sounds of voice only make melody.
So sound whatever words are meaningful.
Thanks for your open mic music participation.
I think you will be Rock musician in future.
And happy Seven days to you.
God bless you.
Best of luck

@steevc........its a great melodious song,,,,,,,,his vocal tonic very cute......i always love music.....all the best.....

It's a wonderful clip, you're already talented in playing and singing, I'm waiting for you more, my friend @steevc


All these people waiting for me! Too much pressure :)


You are gifted with my friends, encourage you can offer more @steevc

you are a new artist will appear in the future @steevc you need a little external support, well done friend <3

You are very talented, where can I see your videos singing?


Here on Steemit of course

You are good trust me, lovely post


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