OpenMic Songwriters Challenge Week 3 and Open Mic week 63: Stolen soul (original)

in openmic •  last year

This is my entry for Songwriters competion week 3 sponsored by @meno as well as for Open Mic week 63 run by @luzcypher and @pfunk.

The theme this week is 'Stolen soul'. This really got me thinking, but eventually inspiration struck.

You will find my comments on the contest posts here and here. Your support is appreciated, but please check out the other entries too.

If you don't know, HMV is a UK music shop and Bonzo Dog Doo-dah Band were a comedy band of the 1960s who are still playing now and again.

Stolen Soul

I love to go to HMV and check out the new stuff
I like all kinds of music I just can't get enough
Soul can really move me, the voices and the rhythm
Like Marvin Gaye, Aretha you know I really dig'm

I know that stealing’s bad, but I haven't any money
To go without my music, it just wouldn't be too funny
So I grabbed a stack of disks and stashed them in my bag
I boldly walked out of the store with my bag of swag

I got some stolen soul
and I also got some stolen rock and roll
I got some stolen prog
And a bit of stolen Bonzo Dog

I thought I'd got away with it and I would be home free
I didn't expect a visit from the local constabulary
I just sat and passed the time away listening to my tunes
I had no idea that what I'd done would come to haunt me soon


My listening was interrupted by a banging on the door
I couldn't understand what what had caused this uproar
I opened up and found a policeman on my mat
He said please come along with me you naughty little chap

So now I'm sitting in this cell just staring at the walls
There isn't as much music as I like to recall
I wish I hadn't done it and that I was still out free
Prison really sucks and it's not the place for me

I had some stolen soul
and a bit of stolen rock and roll
I had some stolen prog
And a bit of stolen Bonzo Dog

I had some stolen soul
and a bit of stolen rock and roll
And I won’t steal no more
Cos I’m fed up of this locked door

I'm Steve, the geeky guitarist.

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get it stevey boy!


Cheers mate. Hope I raise a smile

hahaha! Thats great! The chorus is really catchy! An awesome play on the stolen soul theme.... Loved it Steev. You know its a fine tune when the chorus is GENUINELY stuck in your head...I got some....stoooolen soul... and a bitta stolen rock and roll!


I've just realised I missed an opportunity. It could have been about a fishmongers!


I thought it was? Stolen sole and a rock (the fish of course) in a roll

The lyrics are actually funny lol i've left an upvote on your comment.

Nice one @steevc

Haha, great twist on stolen "soul." I dig that.

Love that nostalgic music theft from HMV hahaha ;)


Cheers. I just couldn't do it straight :)

Completely unexpected interpretation of stolen soul, loving it! No devil or demon just a few vinyls in my bag! Lol

My goodness im moved to tears!


I'm sorry to hear that ;)

hehehe that was really cool ;-)

Well done. I really liked it.

Very nice music. Very nice voice good luck @steevc


Do I get your vote too?


Of course @steevc !! Upvoted and followed :) :)


The votes count in the contests :)

That was awesome!! Loved it! ♥

This is hilarious!

excellent music @steevc. thanks for sharing.

Music quality is awesome. Great entry dear @steevc. All the best!

Love to see you here as Well wow love ya brother
best Of luck

that was good! thanks. stolen soul. i liked it

Good going my friend
Best wishes for more

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