Open Mic Week 14 - Half the world away (Oasis cover)

in openmic •  2 years ago

I'm not managing to take part every week, but I do enjoy being part of this little challenge. It encourages me to keep playing. I hope to write some more songs this year, but here's a cover for now.

open mic 14.png

Please vote for this post and my comment on the contest post to give me a chance of winning something.


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Crackin' cover Steve! Good to see a track so early in the year.


Cheers. I need to work on some different songs for this year. Been playing the same old ones for ages

nice performance:)



Nice song @steevc , good performance my friend
wish you all the best :)
i will resteem this


Thanks. It's a bit of fun

Hey man awesome cover!!
Love Oasis and you do a great job with this one!



i love oasis. great cover my friend

Great job... enjoyed the tune :) .. hope you win something too.


Thanks. It's a fun contest

Rock on Steve!
Enjoyed that from "Half a world away"
You got my vote.


Hey, thanks. It's time to learn some more songs. I'm open to suggestions. I need some to sing down the pub, but also want to do some electric. Actually I've always wanted to be able to play more Led Zep tunes. That may my project this year

Never heard this song before, and you presented it very well. Keep singing, you have a nice soft characteristic that shines with welcoming friendliness that brings joy with ease. I enjoyed this cover you did, looking forward to more like this from you. And yes, I always encourage to write your own songs, no one will sing your songs truly but you, and many songs are waiting to be discovered when the idea sparks the inspiration within you, or vice versa. Best of luck to your entry. Upvoted


Thanks. I just make music for fun. Songwriting is something new for me. I need to keep working on it. New songs will appear on steemit first


You're welcome, you will only get better with time, you never know what gems you shall uncover and create. Best of luck in your musical endeavors, all musicians do music for fun, it eventually becomes a burning desire and an intention-charged passion for many, yet the fun factor never dies out.