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I just wanted to know... Theres probably a reason, but wouldnt it do some good if instead of @luzcypher doing the weekly winner announcement you place that post on @openmic account.. Luz still does all the other posts and you pay him a part of the payout from that announcement post and the rest goes in the winners pool.

That way i think you could attract a bunch of whales to autovote 1 post per week for the good of the music community.
Now if they autovote Luz, they autovote everything and they might find that a bit too much...
But if you assure them that only 1 post will be upvoted per week, that they are doing good for the community they might do it... Also with that you could possibly have a openmic post in trending every week!

#openmic gets exposure, the winners get exposure, AND there something on trending every week that actually paints the Steem platform in a good light... :D

BOOM! Win Win!


Hrmm... I like, I like... I guess my only question would be... How could we get the whales to vote for it? Like don't get me wrong, yes that would be amazazazing.... but, we have to find a way to make it worth it for them.

They are investors, we must be astute and appeal to the pocket.

Puts on his thinking cap

Id bet some would do this even if they didnt get anything in return.... Openmic is one of the most amazing things Steem offers and its the life blood of us musicians here...

Maybe i try Gina-ing them here? They might get pissed off. hehe

There are very few whales that see the value of community like you and I do. But all of them are bag holders, so... and this is my opinion of course, if we want to appeal to the biiiiig ones... the blocktrades level whales, we have to show them how this works for their benefit too, if we do, we can win them over.

Blocktrades supports a meme contest by a guy i know from Croatia.. They might be interested in this... Here goes nothing... haha

@blocktrades, sorry to bother but would you guys maybe be willing to read this comment thread and the post itself. It would be greatly appreciated.

(Listens in for a sound...)

The way this whole thing started was me posting a Steemit Open Mic Week 1 post from my account. There was no @openmic account or any community to begin with.

From there @pfunk started donating 200 Steem (sometimes more) in week 2 and I donated 100 Steem.

It started growing from there and around week 57-58 I think, @krystle approached me about creating the @openmic account which @ausbitbank created and gave me the keys. At that time my personal account had more SP than the @openmic account did so I could reward people more by posting from my account. Also, I could earn enough to pay the prizes.

It takes so much of my time that if I ran it from the new @openmic account I would not have time to earn on my personal account, so I keep it all on my account. There's a lot of heavy lifting to make this work each week and I can't keep it going for no rewards at all. I don't mind going in the hole sometimes but not all the time.

I know lots of people have multiple accounts but if they read the whitepaper they would see that you earn more by growing just one account.

Also, some of the witnesses that do upvote and want to support Open Mic don't necessarily want to upvote every post I make, so by having the openmic account they can follow that or delegate to that and not autovote all my other posts not related to OpenMic.

Following the Open Mic trail upvotes all of the people I upvote from the @luzcypher account who enter the contest, like you were sitting right beside me upvoting all the valid entries.. @openmic follows @luzcypher upvotes but does not upvote my posts, only those who enter with a valid entry.

On a side note, following the open mic trail on autovote does not upvote the @openmic or the @luzcypher account, it only upvotes the people who enter Open Mic. One thing people could do to support Open Mic is just upvote the main contest post, the weekly list of players, and the winners post. If everyone just did that we would have enough to sustain the rewards. I don't ever ask people to do that but it is in the rules, at least for the main contest post.

Hope that makes sense.

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