Openmic unofficial: Producing Music live @senzenfrenz

in openmic •  6 months ago

Hey guys,

It's been a while since I have posted under the openmic tag, but finally here's some @senzenfrenz-openmic-special for you, or how ever you want to call it:)

I am producing and arranging some pop-rock-orchestral-symphonic stuff for a german singer-songwriter just at the moment and I thought perhaps some of you could be interested in how this is all taking place. I am really proud to do this, because it is my first paid music job of that kind!

So if you like, watch this special openmic video and remember to revisit my channel for upcoming "official" openmic entries soon!

Thank you for visiting my blog!


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Congratulations on your 1st paid music job, I understand what it means to be paid for something that is your passion. I hope your journey is blessed with abundance.
I dig how your energy goes up as you get into the song. big ups


Thank you for your kind words and encouragement!

your music is so nice but i think sound are some loud

Congrats on getting a paid gig. Exciting news.

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This is an amazing production setting wow, I do not really know so much about the processes of music production but this is a brilliant tutorial if what you do best, I'm guessing this is your studio? I love the sound production and how you get to select and change the sound on your keyboard from your laptop.

I love the guitar joint too and how you blended it in.
It's amazing to know that this is totally paid gig, because it's an amazing and quality joint you've put up together really.

Thank you, that was an awesome look into your creative process... best of luck ;9)

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Congratulations on your first music paid job, it sure feels great to do what you love and get paid for it. I love what you did with this music, how all the instruments are playing in harmony, it will great to see how it turns out when the song is finally released.

I have never witnessed how music is being produced and this is eye-opening for me, quite a lot of work go in there to get everything to be in harmony. The video is just great, you did well in explaining the steps you took and how this music was produced!

I believe your wedding was a memorable one!

this sounds very intense! very cool to see you process and creation of this awesomeness! very cool dude, congrats for that awesome job!

Getting paid for music is rare, cherish the moment and make sure you give your client exactly what they ask.
I'm paying people to participate in my competition up to 20SBD check it out here

I've played around a small bit with these programmes so i can appreciate the skill that you are bringing to it. Sounds good.

Congratulations friend, all work that is done with passion, delivery and sacrifice will have its rewards .. Success @senzenfrenz

Music production is a beautiful profession, nowadays it's my passion, every day I produce at least one beat, and it feels great to compose and manage each idea, build a work and enjoy that art. I'm glad to find videos like this around here, good that it was your first payment, I hope you can continue and make a living from it if that's what you want! Btw I like the symphonic sound that you add to your creation that is a great touch.

Blessings for u.