Recreational Outrage at Emojis! Day 9

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Take a moment, right now, and think of all the people you're grateful to have in your life...

If you do so, you WILL find a small smile forming on your lips as you recognize just how fortunate you are.

As social beings, one of the foundations for our sense of belonging and a happy countenance is recognizing the value we have, as defined by the important part that we all play in one another's lives.



Are YOU ready to get Recreationally Outraged?!?

This one's going to knock your socks off:

Today's post is a TWOFER!

We have TWO examples of a subtle demonstration of gender inequality that is unnecessary, degrading, and an INSULT to our intelligence because the emoji makers got this one COMPLETELY wrong!

Try and guess which two micro aggressions against the female gender were demonstrated here which I'm sure has you all recreationally outraged right now:



Here's a closer look:



Head slowly shaking from side-to-side in incrementally mounting RECREATIONAL OUTRAGE!

Look at those emojis!

WHAT are all the young, impressionable minds of fine young ladies, all across the WORLD, supposed to think about themselves when compared to a man as they grow wiser with their years?

THAT, compared to a man, they have a handicap waiting for them compared to their male counterpart?!?






Try explaining this to your young daughter, who one day may ask you:

"Father, Mother, why is it that Santa Claus 🎅🏻 looks young, without any wrinkles on his face, and is blessed with perfect vision, but Mrs. Claus 🤶 has bifocals and wrinkles on her forehead and wrinkles on her mouth?"

"Does she suffer from progeria (accelerated aging syndrome) secondary to differential diagnoses of Werner Syndrome or Hutchinson-Gilford Syndrome?"

Kids are super clever these days; that could be a real question.

Good LUCK coming up with a good answer when your 3 year old daughter throws a zinger like THAT in your direction!

How about our next example:



Oh, great - All Powerful WIZARDS get to look forward to impaired vision when they age...

If you're a LADY!

Gandalf's doing just fine!

What, he's not willing to share the spell for "Perfect Vision" with his female associate?

Does HE have sole access to the magic of contact lenses and won't share THAT magical secret?

Does Hermione Granger know about this?

She'd avrakadavra the shit out of emoji headquarters if she knew about this horrific example of sexism in the magical realm, just a few finger clicks away...

The absolute WORST part of this recreational outrage post:




They knew what they were doing when they made the ladies visually impaired!

To the point where they got crafty and digitally reproduced DIFFERENT eyewear!

I'm so recreationally outraged I want to get lasix surgery!


In through your nose, out through your nose...


My fellow Steemians, thank you for recognizing yet another example of recreational outrage at hurtful emojis, that serve to slowly dissolve the bonds of polite society and equality among individuals.


Let's all watch for an emoji update, coming sometime in the near future, where these absolutely heinous examples of subtle human subjugation of the sexes are updated, corrected, and made fair for all concerned.

"I have a dream..."


@scan0017 😘

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  ·  2 years ago (edited)

You trully said that my dear friend,As social beings, one of the foundations for our sense of belonging and a happy countenance is recognizing the value we have, as defined by the important part that we all play in one another's lives.

Upvote amd Resteem

I was raised at a time when wearing glasses meant other kids were legally allowed to bully you, so it means a lot when I look at both of those grandmas and say, "Meh, I'd still fuck her."

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

His cutting humor, genius word economy, and brilliant content is at a level I aspire to even approach as I work on elevating my comedy craft...
@themadgoat is THE funniest Steemian, PERIOD.
To all my friends in Venezuela 🇻🇪 ✊, The Netherlands 🇳🇱 (what's UP @bettyboob & @fitzgibbon!) my lady in Ireland 🇮🇪, @misslasvegas, along with Shannon: @sjennon, feeling out Phuket on her year traveling around the world, my fellas holding it down in Germany 🇩🇪, @juanmiguelsalas, @future24, and @lex030, and @bluabaleno, running his business in Portugal 🇵🇹, along of course, with @heiditravels (who invited me to go surfing with her group at SteemFest², 'Nuff respect!) and @surfermarly, who extended the same invite...
All my love and thanks!
All my resteemers, your love is coming up next!
Time to go get recreationally outraged at more cartoons - tomorrow is IMMINENT!
Sincerely, everyone: You make me want to be more creative, more clever, and to give more, in recognition of receiving so much from all of you.
I love you.
Thank you for fueling the fire 🔥 of inspiration.
Your efforts will be rewarded.
As always,
Your Craiggles,
@scan0017 😘

Drink more, type less Scan, but ok, I will follow the funny man.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Thanks @fitzgibbon!
Cheers mate!

No, I'm just cranky in the morning. At second thought, don't type less, just drink more :)

  ·  2 years ago (edited)


@fitzgibbon really IS cranky in the morning 😒
Good to see that I'm not his only target 😅
Don't listen to him before noon, then you'll be ok 😉

Thanks @bettyboob, your husband was right though - I edited it down 👍🙂

If we ever meet in real life I'm totally gonna suck your dick, but not in a gay way.

Wait a second...
That's gay? 🤷‍♂️ 🍆

Haha kidding 🍣😛

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Emojies are among the indispensable methods of communication today. Billions of emoji are being used every day when people communicate with each other. The emojies, which entered into human life and become popular every day, now succeeded in coming to a more important point because they are now in the center of technology giants. When we examine the history of emojis, it is known that this communication language extends to hieroglyphs

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Very very wonderful collection sir

These emoji which makes it seem that the woman cares less than the man, in what is related in the face. something that we few worry about.

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Truly Your post is really aweaome.
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really funny man... great fun... damn funny writer you are man... 😂

ohhh !!! God that inequality of gender and injustice with us women women, not gender inequality, we are all equal.

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Very cool and funny best collections.thanks for sharing

well really like the post ... really i like this series .. thanks for sharing with us you always bring geat stuff

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what? is seriously? how did you discover this brother? demons now if I'm outraged>. <jajajajaja. but recreated

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That awesome post. creativity idea.

LOL, Well, I'm not that old and I should wear glasses.

Creative thought . wonderful writing experience.
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Good recognizing recreational outrage at hurtful emojis, Yes it will increase power bond of Society. You have used good wood word equality. Its a required and if it will be happened so all will be happy. Yes Team work is the better way to win success. Because it will be bigger power if you are in team. But it must be working and active team. Thank for your advice.

Nice post my frends

since you started with the emojis, in the state looking at them more in detail! 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Fantastic post sharing sir @scan0017
((((( Resteem Service))))

Wuaooo !!! @scan0017, gives recreational indignation how they denigrate the female sex.

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The creators of emojis must be all macho men, as to marginalize women in such a way.

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We shall overcome! 😎

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

A call to equality of gender to the creators of emojis, I am indignant recreatively. Resteemed y upvote

What is happening with women and emojis? hahaha
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Rays so long using emojis and I had never noticed these details, studied emoji keeper. Do you think women are aging faster?

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LOL, How can you make each emoji funny?

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friend @scan0017 I feel that the creators of emoji have some discrimination towards the ladies ... hahaha I insist we should protest women is not fair

tienes razon que diferencia tan irrealista pero limitada, bueno no es por defenderlos pero los emojies son asi, hasta es una manera de ver ya que incluyendome no le prestaba atencion de como estaban.

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very bad creators of emoji have to be more aware of that gender gap jajaja @scan0017 upvote & resteem

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Excellent publication we should smile and remember the people who made us happy.

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I love much these Emoji's.
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Hello @scan0017, I don't really use Emojis but base on your explaining actually this make sense. I didn't know this until now that gender inequality also exist even in emojis. This is insane because need nowadays can identity anything. Why did the creators of emojis did this and what are their intentions?

Nostalji çok hoş yazı 🤗

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