Dtube Open Mic Week 101 | Song Cover - Dua Cincin by @rhampagoe

in openmic •  2 months ago

hello everyone, I'm @rhampagoe from Indonesia, today is the first day I joined @openmic and I hope there is a welcome from @luzcypher and also @pfunk

and thanks to @dube

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To enter Steemit Open Mic please follow the rules. Thank you.


  • You can use DTube but include an embedded YouTube or Vimeo video too.

  • Steemit Open Mic Week 98 must the beginning of the post title.

Why Do I Have To Add A Youtube Video To My Open Mic Entry --- by @luzcypher

Also the title of your post needs to start with:

Steemit Open Mic Week 101

You don't need to make a new post, just add a YouTube video to this post, please. Thank you.