if I told you that I would have to melt you down and turn you in to components to add on to my giant space station,,,, is a crazy busy wierd machine and I am stuck right in to its manufacture, committed like a criminal, but SOON, the world will be mine. How are you?

Oh.. seems that you have been busy... well.. here we have been more normal.. for example we have


Thanks for contacting Pancakes Express!

Would you like to order pancakes?

Please upvote this comment with your order:

$0.01+random delicious pancake
$0.05+excellent pancakes suited for a king or queen
$0.25+party pancakes
$1+best pancakes we have ever made
$?it's ninja!

If you would like to order your own pancakes, just make a comment !pancakes anywhere on the blockchain and we will send you a menu.

@pechichemena, your pancakes are ready!

damn. they look REALLY good right now

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