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After the Siciliano from Bach's Violin Sonata, BWV 1017, I played in last week's contest, I thought it a nice idea to play one of Bach's other Sicilianos for this week's contest. This is the Siciliano from Bach's Flute Sonata. BWV 1031. The transcription was made by Arno Rog, and he kindly gave permission to publish his transcription. This transcription follows the original noteperfect. The left hand and the feet play the harpsichord part, the right hand plays the flute part.

The sound recording was done with the Hauptwerk software and the sampleset the Transept organ in the Laurenskerk, Rotterdam, made by Sonus Paradisi.

For those interested, the score is available on my website:

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Very chiffy flutes in this one 👍

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