Steemit Open Mic- Week 91 Cover: Fly my to the moon by @moccamonica

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Initially I want to apologize to @belenlopr for doing the same song as her. It was a bad coincidence. I am sorry to have hurt her feelings and i invite you to see her version and, if you like, give her a lot of love.

Fly me to the moon is a standard of Jazz that I love, it was popularized by stars like Frank Sinatra and i recorded with love for you join by an amazing guitarrist: Carlos Añez.

Inicialmente quiero pedir disculpas a @belenlopr por hacer la misma canción que ella. Fue una mala casualidad. Ella me comentó por teléfono que la haría y yo no le presté atención y lo olvidé. Lamento haber herido sus sentimientos y los invito a ver su versión y, si les gusta, darle mucho amor.

Fly me to the moon es un standar del Jazz que me encanta, fue impulsada por músicos de la talla de Frank Sinatra y la grabé hoy con muchas dificultades pero con mucho cariño para ustedes. Y me acompaña un guitarrista genial: Carlos Añez.

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Bella💕 Todo está bien!

très jolie voix

Merci 💜

classic jazz standard, well done

Excelente voz, tienes talento... :)

si te da curiosidad podemos apoyarnos por redes sociales alternas... te invito que leas mi post llamado Botao´s Music C.A.

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Thank you guys i love you already 💙

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Gracias de verdad 🌼🐝

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Muchísimas gracias muchachos 💙

Hii @moccamonica
Mistakes are done by human
But you appolise for your mistake this is a great thing

Yes, I am extremely forgetful and sometimes is annoying to others. I don't do it with a bad intention so it's an important thing to say.

Muy bonita voz y bonita interpretacion :D

This is such a lovely rendition, Monica! I love it!

Sorry about the confusion you had with @belenlopr. I wanted to let you know that I've mentioned both of you in a recent post of mine. I'm seeking collaborators to create a very special performance in the near future. I was hoping that you might be interested in providing some vocal tracks and video for this special Open-Mic performance. Here is the link with all of the information:

Of course i am!!! Thank you for the invitation 💙