Steemit #openmic Week 82: “Sleepless Nights” (Original song written by @johnbutler)

in #openmic3 years ago

Hey guys! For #openmic week 82, our band made a quick video of one of our original songs written by our singer/guitarist @johnbutler. All four of us had just worked a 10-hour day, and we played this after a 2-hour practice. I think we were all as tired as Goofy-dog looks in the video ;) But there’s always time for music!!!

@johnbutler said he felt bad for not introducing our bassist, Mike. But it’s the first time he’s ever joined us for an #openmic video! We were glad he was able to join us this time!

We just did this in one take, so it’s not perfect... but we’re just happy to have a place to share our music :) Enjoy!

Thanks, as always, to @luzcypher, @pfunk, and all of the openmic judges for all that you do for the music community on Steemit!



I love country music ... that excellent video. Keep in that way!
PD: love the part where the dog appears hahahah

Thank you! The dogs like our music too! ;)

Love this music @melodyrussell ❤️

Thank you! ☺️

Pretty good, guys! Good luck for you! We love it n.n

Thanks for checking it out! We appreciate it! ☺️

Hey, thats great song guys. I like your style. Where ya'll from?

Thanks a bunch! We’re from a little town in Missouri called Mountain View. This is an acoustic version of the song. It’s usually much louder and a little grungier ;)

😛 You look different bro.. 💃

HA! 😆

Well - this is FUN. Really love the vibe and the sound is great. Thanks for sharing! xx, Kay

Thanks so much! We have a lot of fun playing acoustics together!

Just realized I commented but forgot to upvote! There ya go! :)

(saw you swing by mine today just now, too! Thanks!)

Thanks a bunch! We really appreciate it! Glad to “meet” you, and I’m looking forward to listening to more of your music :)

I really like the music you bring.semiga you are all successful in the field of music.yang important hard work, do not get discouraged.

Firstly, I love the song and performance by all you guys! Secondly, I LOVE the dogs! Nice guys!

Those dogs are around music all the time, so either they love it, or they’ve just learned to deal with it ;) Thanks @passion-ground! Always appreciate your thoughtful comments and all of your hard work and dedication in the music community!

Your band is cool :)

Well hey, thanks! ☺️

nice music great talent

Thank you ☺️

I love it. I wish I could jam with y'all. I am not one for hanging out with people usually but I would hang with you guys. I'd pet the dogs most of the time because that's what I do, though. Actually i would like to just sit in the corner and pet the dogs and watch you all play for days.

Thanks for the sweet words! We actually have a couple friends that come over just to listen and hang out with the doggos ;)

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