Steemit Open Mic Week 75 - DON'T WORRY BE HAPPY (Eng) / HAKUNA MATATA (Spa) MEDLEY - Ukulele Cover - Manuel Álvarez

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Greetings my dear friends! How was your week? I hope that very good! Today I bring you my new video with my entry for Week 75 of the Open Mic. It is a Medley that includes two great songs: Do not Worry Be Happy, composed and performed by Bobby McFerrin and Hakuna Matata, original by Elton John and Tim Rice, belonging to the soundtrack of the movie "The Lion King". Both songs I interpret accompanied by a Ukulele and I will make a mixture of languages ​​in this performance, singing the first in English and the second in Spanish. I hope you like it! Blessings!

Thanks so much for visiting my blog!!!

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I once got to sing on stage with Bobby McFerrin and then we had dinner together.


Wow, really? It must have been an incredible and unforgettable experience, Bobby is a great artist and this particular song I've heard a lot since he was a child. I hope I have done honor and that this little Medley like a lot of people. thank you very much for commenting my brother! a great greeting and blessings!

he disfutado mucho tu presentación ;-) mis hijas te amaron!

Qué fiiiinoooo!!! Jajajaja mándales un besote a tus nenas! Un abrazo!

Excelente como siempre brother!!!

Gracias hermano por tu apoyo. Un abrazo!

El sonido del ukulele de verdad que me transmite tranquilidad y tu amigo mio te luciste! Amo esos fondos que tienes para los videos vale, Don´t worry be happy =D

Jajajajajajaja que bueno que te gustó! Esos fondos son de mi trabajo, el cual es un sitio muy cool... Quizás haga un post al respecto! Un abrazo!

que genial vale!

Happiness leads to inner peace, happy yourself whiles you still can because no one knows when sadness will show it's ugly head

Hermano excelente cover... Un saludo

Gracias mi Bro! Un abrazo!

Nice, brother! Enjoyed this a lot!

Thanks so much my Bro! Blessings!

Awesome performance version bro
20 points

Gracias Master! Saludos.

Muy fresco me encanto.

Jejejeje qué bueno que te gustó! Quedó bastante divertido!

Great job! Very creative song combination! I found myself smiling through most of your video haha. Can't wait for more from you!

Hey my Bro!!! thanks for watching the video and comment! It's cool that you liked it. Regards!

Cuando no hay comentarios, ni votos y nadie ve la publicación ¿Que importa? Hakuna Matata XD, buen cover bro. Saludos!!!

jajajajajjaajaja así mismo es mi pana! Un abrazo grande!

Epa, Manu!
Qué fino encontrarte por aquí, muy bueno ese medley...

Gracias hermano! Qué bueno verte. Ya te sigo!


Qué bueno que te gustó! Saludos!

Gracias a ti por comentar hermano! Saludos.

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