Steemit Open Mic Week 103 Winners - See Who Won Open Mic And Join Us This Week

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Thanks to everyone who entered and supported Open Mic Week 103. Community support for Open Mic has been tremendous and is one of many projects bringing the music community together on Steemit.

WINNER! | The @blocktrades + @openmic Steem Fest ticket giveaway! --- by @anomadsoul

Support Musicians On Steemit

I LOVE OPEN MIC // Discover How It Works, Get Involved, Take ADVANTAGE! --- by @siomarasalmeron

How To Support Musicians On Steemit And Earn Curation Rewards By Following The Open Mic Trail --- by @luzcypher

Operation We Are The Open Mic --- by @meno

Let's Keep @pfunk In The Top 20 Witnesses By Voting For Him As A Steemit Witness

@pfunk has been sponsoring Steemit Open Mic since I first started it and I want to give a big thank you to him and all the people who support and take part in Steemit Open Mic.

@pfunk is a Steemit witness and helps keep the platform working and you can vote for him here Please go vote for him right now. This post will show you how.

Vote For Pfunk For Witness And Keep Steemit Open Mic Growing Strong We Need Your Help Now

More Open Mic Sponsors

Over the last week Open Mic was contacted and offered some more sponsorship from:

@ausbitbank is a top 20 witness on Steemit involved in more supporting projects on the Steem blockchain than I can list. He is a big part of the, the Peace, Abundance, and Liberty network on Discord, and delegates to many good causes on Steemit. You can vote for him as a wtness here. He just reached out and donated 100 Steem per week to help Open Mic

@Curie helps curate new people who contribute good content and has been supporting Open Mic musicians behind the scenes since Open Mic started. They helped me and countless others get our posts seen when we first started on the platform. Many Open Mic musicians have been featured on their weekly Author's Showcase posts. They are a top 20 witness and have contributed 25 Steem per week for the next two months to help Open Mic. You can vote for them as witness here

MSP-Waves Radio in association with the Minnow Support Project and the Peace, Abundance, Liberty Network is a weekly radio program hosted by @Krystle, @swelker101, and @isaria that features the weekly Top 5 judges picks from Steemit Open Mic. Not only do they give weekly prizes to audience picked performers from the contest, but they have also started sponsoring Open Mic with a 25 Steem weekly donation! How cool is that? Thank you for helping support musicians on the Steemit platform.

And thanks to @meno's initiative the community has come together to support Open Mic. Many of you have created posts in support of the Open Mic community and have donated a portion of the rewards from those posts to @openmic so we can keep doing what we do, build a great community of musicians on Steemit. You guys are the best and we feel appreciative and inspired!

Operation We Are The Open Mic --- by @meno

Steemit Open Mic Rules

  • The cutoff date for entries was Friday the 21st of September, 2018 at 12 UTC TIME Find your UTC time here.
  • Only 1 entry per person per week
  • "Steemit Open Mic Week 103" must the beginning of the post title.
  • "Steemit Open Mic Week 103" must be said at the beginning of your video and your username.
  • Live performances only specifically made for this contest.
  • openmic must be the first tag
  • Add a link to your post in the comments of the contest post.
  • You must upvote this post.
  • If your song is an original song then add the word "Original" somewhere in your title
  • You can use DTube but include an embedded YouTube or Vimeo video too.

Steemit Open Mic Loves Dtube So Why Do I Have To Add A Youtube Video To My Open Mic Entry --- by @luzcypher

Entries must follow these rules to earn prizes.

Big shout out to @lukestokes who delegated 5,000 SP to the @openmic account! Thanks for your support.

I just want to remind everyone that votes are only part of the selection process. Entertainment value and performance is factored in too.

To learn more about the rules to entering the contest please read What Are The Rules To Enter Steemit Open Mic And Why Do We Have Rules Anyways

Common Questions When Entering Steemit Open Mic --- by @luzcypher

The coolest thing about Open Mic is it brings the Steemit community together and that is the whole point of this project.

Meet up with the Open Mic community at Open Mic on Discord and chat with all of the people who enter Open Mic there. It's a great way to interact with the Open Mic community. Your links to your entry is automatically added to the Discord channel, so please don't add links, just come to chat with the community.

Join the Facebook page for Steemit Musicians you can read about here or go straight to the page here. A lot of players from Steemit Open Mic are there.

Steemit Open Mic Judges

@soundlegion, @krystle, @verbal-d, @passion-ground, and @meno

Music Creators Guide To Copyrights, Royalties, And Recording Contracts

Common Questions When Entering Steemit Open Mic --- by @luzcypher

How To Support Musicians On Steemit And Earn Curation Rewards By Following The Open Mic Trail --- by @luzcypher

Steemit Open Mic Is About Building A Community Of Musicians On Steemit Not About Winning --- by @luzcypher

A Special Tributary Open Mic Entry From The Creative Music Community --- by @passion-ground

Openmic Week 103 Soundlegion Judges Picks Top 5 Honorable Mentions And Top Picks List --- by @soundlegion

Open Mic Week 103 Top 5 And Honorable Mentions --- by @meno

Steemit S Official Open Mic Judge Verbal D S Top 5 Entries For Week 103 Original Blog --- by @verbal-d

Open Mic Week 103 My Top 5 Judges Selection --- by @krystle

2Ttckw Steemit Musicians With Krystle Shane And Isaria Msp Waves Radio 30 Steem Prize 25 Steem Weekly Donation To Open Mic --- by @isaria

Steemit Open Mic Loves Dtube So Why Do I Have To Add A Youtube Video To My Open Mic Entry --- by @luzcypher

Special thanks to @meno for help judging the contest this week. Great job.

Steemit Open Mic is not about winning or losing, it's about building a connections on Steemit through music. Watching the collaborations happen online between musicians who played and met on Steemit Open Mic is very rewarding and many of the people who play and post earn some nice rewards for playing a song.

For many, it's easier to get some Steem in your tip jar by playing for Steemit Open Mic than it is to play music on the street.

Steemit Open Mic Trending Posts

Click here to see the current trending posts on Steemit Open Mic

Top 20 Trending Open Mic Posts

The openmic tag has earned a total of: 240,433.700 SBD worth $245,242.37 USD At Today's Prices of $1.02 SBD (Average of $2,381 per week in 103 weeks +plus has paid out over 28,900 Steem in prizes!

NOTE: Having a trending post is not how judges pick entries for their Top 5 weekly picks. Sometimes you will trend because of a variety of reasons. Congratulations! You don't need to win Open Mic to earn rewards and build your audience. As you can see, sometimes trending posts earn more than the contest rewards! You could trend by getting curated by other curation groups like @curie for example. The judges look for entertainment value which, of course, is very subjective and varies over time. Just keep playing and engaging with the community which is the whole point of Open Mic. If you love music, we love you.

The most recent top earning posts were:

This chart is provided by @carlgnash.


Steemit Open Mic Week 103: "A Lack of Color" (Death Cab for Cutie Cover) by @k0wsk1
$ 27.6920


Steemit Open Mic Week 103 - Taylor by Jack Johnson with a new key and different vibe.
$ 26.9630


Steemit Open Mic Week 103: Original Music — Thick Walled Tender Heart
$ 25.9880


Steemit OpenMic Week 103 - @minuetoacademy - Como la Brisa (Cover)
$ 25.2780


Steemit Open Mic Week 103 -No tiene sentido- @donlucho
$ 24.7920


Steemit Openmic Week 103 · Una estrella llamada cristal (Original)
$ 19.3390


STEEMIT OPENMIC WEEK 103, "Caruso" by @mariajruizb
$ 14.8350


Steemit Open Mic Week 103 - Camurí (Eduardo Serrano) - Venezuelan Waltz
$ 14.8340


open mic week 103 "Tu presencia es el cielo" Your presence is the sky by @pastorbastida
$ 12.7910


$ 10.6730


Open Mic Week 103: "Unsexy" by Alanis Morissette (cover by @kayclarity)
$ 10.1170


Steemit Open Mic Week 103 - Bad Moon Rising by Creedance Clearwater Revival
$ 9.7450


Steemit OpenMic semana 103 | Sanami - Final perfecto (canción original)
$ 8.5150


Open mic week 103 cover - Phill Collins (en mi corazón vivirás/ In my he art you will live ) by @graceleon
$ 8.4750


Steemit Open Mic Week 103 - Palabreo de La Loca Luz Caraballo (Poem by Andrés Eloy Blanco)- SING A POEM @eugelys
$ 8.0000


Steemit open mic semana 103 - Siempre en mi mente (Coversong) @gaborockstar
$ 7.9610


Steemit Open Mic Week 103 : Go Away from My Window(cover)
$ 6.2540


"Cover of the Rolling Stone" Dr. Hook cover by @gibber
$ 6.1890


Steemit Open Mic Week #103 - Alas de polvo - Original song.
$ 5.4420


Steemit Open mic semana 103- Recuerda (Canción Original by Esaú Guerra)
$ 5.0110

Congratulations to all of you who trended this week on Open Mic!

Winners from Steemit Open Mic Week 103

It is not getting any easier to pick with all this talent and it is so hard picking winners every week even with 5 judges.

Honorable mentions this week in no particular order are: @jhosepdelgado @josesanteliz @zorajr @tarotbyfergus @rawvega @manuelmusic @raymondelaparra @wilins @katrina-ariel @siomarasalmeron @jpabloji17 @dearw @paomota @elisonr13 @alejandra23 @leomolina @graceleon @kayclarity @carlosgu @beeflomein @dreamrafa @minuetoacademy @edwardstobia @josevallera @exzorltg @veganpetite , and many more on our radar. We Love You All!

and the winners are...

1st Place

You won 80 Steem

Steemit OpenMic WEEK 103 @paintingangels - Original song "Revelation" --- by @paintingangels

"@paintingangels you touch me deeply with every single performance. I need you to sing me to sleep every single night. My dreams would come in sweet. Just beautiful dear, lovely song, great voice as always, emotive and delicate, brings my emotions to the top of my skin. I love you girl" - @soundlegion

Serena just has a special gift, honestly that is all I can say. I've never once heard one of her songs that has not touched my heart. How is that even possible? I might have become her biggest fan. This tune is just too special. - @meno

You continue to release such beautiful and melancholic pain in the form of your raw and gripping music. Your sound is forever unique and your tales of sombre reflection, deep honest perspectives and daring storytelling are what make you a judge's and fan's favorite kind of artist. Aside from your natural skills, you embed true human connection within the poetic and melodic linings of your craft, and this is another gem worth a listen and such recognition and praise. You bring to life every word and keep the live performance aspect at a high end standard. Thank you for sharing and creating another moment to embellish in, looking forward to more of your originals without a doubt. - @verbal-d

It's music like this that lets me feel less alone in my own emotional state, it perfectly captures my current state in every sense - and yes this song makes me feel sad and want to cry more, but great music should make a powerful emotional connection. - @krystle

2nd Place

You won 40 Steem

STEEMIT OPEN MIC WEEK 103 / It's the Story of a Love by @dianakyv --- by @dianakyv

" I love the sound of your voice. This is just beautiful. I remember you from past weeks and you really blow me away, I love the guitar company with your voice, just lovely." - @soundlegion

Wonderfully performed as usual both you and your highly superb guitarist friend @danieldedosd2. Your passionate and pristine performances truly show how great and consistently skilled you are as an experienced vocalist and captivating artist. Beautiful cover choice and your emotions are nearly tangible with how you carefully guide us through this songful journey. Thanks for creating and sharing this gem of a moment. Looking forward to what you perform next. - @verbal-d

I am simply enthralled by your stunning performances and incomprehensible talent and skill, the two of you are both phenomenal artists and we are so lucky to have you with us - as always I look forward to hearing more and soon! - @krystle

3rd Place

You won 26 Steem

Steemit Open Mic Semana 103 Cristmounicou Cover Aire Por Mecano --- by @cristmounicou

"awesome voice and I love the look, totally rocked it out, was killer cover performance."* - @soundlegion

I've seen a few of @cristomounicou's entries in the past few weeks. Every single time, If thought to myself this steemian is going places. I can tell she can command a stage, she's got that confidence you require to make people look, and listen. I took to listens to this song today, as I was getting ready to post this and thought... Yeap.. this is her best one yet. - @meno

From the instance that you started I was hooked, your playing was just divine and absolutely hooked my attention - then your stunning vocals came in and stole the show, just an all round brilliant entry. - @krystle

4th Place

You won 26 Steem

Steemit openmic week - 103 - Abel Fernandez - Im Yours (Cover) --- by @abelfernandez

This was a very clean and enjoyable performance, you layered your tracks very well and the visual quality was nice as usual. Your passion for music and this song in particular really hined through, especially when you didn't hold back on those rifts and adding noticeable characteristics to your smooth singing. Thanks for sharing this great cover song, looking forward to your next entry. - @verbal-d

I have to mention how awesome it is that you played all the instruments this week, what a kick ass job mate - the sound you created was full and textured perfectly, I absolutely loved every second of it. - @krystle

5th Place

You won 26 Steem

Steemit Open Mic Week # 103 - Classic N ° 2 - Creedence Clearwater Revival - Have You Ever Seen The Rain (COVER) --- by @juliolunar

Julio did an amazing job this week. I really enjoyed his take on this classic, and of course as big CCR fan this is right up my street. I was singing along the whole time. - @meno

to me the signs of a great performance and entry is just that, making people forget its a cover and loose control/wail out the tune with you - or maybe I'm just making up excuses as to why I was dancing round to this. - @krystle

Here's a screenshot of the prizes transferred to the winners this week.

Congratulation Everyone And Thanks For Playing Steemit Open Mic.

Steemit Open Mic Is About Building A Community Of Musicians On Steemit, Not About Winning --- by @luzcypher

Congratulations guys! Thanks again to everyone that entered. Thanks to our sponsors @pfunk, @ausbitbank, @curie, @aggroed, @isaria, and @steemmonsters for sponsoring Open Mic!

Vote And Enter Open Mic Week 104 by Following This Link


Steemit Open Mic Week 104 Record Your Performance And Win Steem Sponsored By Pfunk And Luzcypher --- by @luzcypher

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Hey @luzcypher, @krystle, @meno, @passion-ground, @soundlegion
I just want to mention something that is important to me and maybe to others and yes you may see this as kind of an complaint, which you seem to be a little bit tired of, as I can well understand. But this week many posts were missed, as you said yourself in some of the replies. So as it seemed to be a known problem, the missed ones appeared to only be readded after a "complaint". I waived that in order to be not one more person of that kind (and as I complant several times, because several entries of mine were missed in the past , some even in a weekly row). So this time I was trusting that the list would be fixed and a winner announced on that bases because of the well known problem. Unfortunately the missed ones were just let beside (excluding those who complaint) and the competition went on. My suggestion would be to take a little bit more time (if needed) but if a problem accures and is yet known, to solve it before continuing judging and competiting. This is just a bit to disappointing otherwise. And yes, I know this is all about community and not about winning. But it's still a competition that could be little bit more fair for this week. Here's our missed entry (although you've even responded "thanks for playing open mic" not on any see who played list):

I know how frustrating that must feel but believe me when I say I take a lot of time checking and double checking that I got every post. That being said there are things that happen on the blockchain that is beyond my control.

I can only vote for posts that I see posted with the openmic tag and even if someone posts everthing correctly sometimes for some inexplicable reason they still do not show up in my feed.

Last week the Steem blockchain was down, but this sometimes happens even when everyting is working normally.

Watch this video of me catching a post disappear before my eyes

When that happens there is nothing I can really do about it.

  ·  last year (edited)

Take a look at all the new posts under the openmic tag here:

Usually, we get new posts every 15 minutes or so. As you can see, the last week there were a lot missing from the feed, something I cannot fix myself and would not know who was missed unless they told me.

We are as thorough as possible but I can't do a thing about this issue. Hopefully, it will get resolved.

I get your point but what I can not understand is if you respond "Thank you for openmic" (what you did) still you claim to not have seen it because of invisibility adn therefore it's not on the list. If it was invisible why are you able to reply? That does not make any sense to me.
I will not bother you anymore. Thank you.


Because it was there that day I added the response but not on the day I make the weekly post. Somehow it disappeared. I do not understand either, but if I can't see it the feed I can"t add it to that post.

Please be sure to add a link to your post to the contest post and I will double check that post for entries to avoid that happening in the future.

You are aware that last week Steemit was down for several days and many posts did not go through. We did the best we could do in that situation.

Again, I apologize and will do the best I can going forward.

  ·  last year (edited)

Estos resultados me traen recuerdos de la semana 85 cuando quede de segundo lugar tambien y justo Serena @paintingangels quedo en el primer lugar. Realmente estoy sorprendida y le doy las gracias primero a Dios, y a todos. Estoy feliz, sumamente feliz, este viaje en openmic ha sido lo mas maravilloso de mi vida, compartir mi trabajo con muchos en la plataforma es una experiencia única. Gracias a los jueces, muchas muchas gracias, mis respetos. Les mando un fuerte abrazo y sigamos trabajando con amor. Felicidades a todos los ganadores!!!!


Wouuuu. De verdad no saben lo contento que estoy con este post y sobre todo el resultado. Como dirían en mi tierra.
Que vaina tan buenaaa!

A todos le agradezco su apoyo. Un abrazo a todo el equipo @luzcypher @pfunk.
Al hno @passion-ground por todo su apoyo, @soundlegion, @meno, @krystel y @verbal-d por sus palabras, a todos un abrazo. Y se les quiere desde acá.


I hope this posts!

Saying I'm floored is an understatement. How did this even happen? My little entry post didn't even earn much more than $2 till now (except now is higher because thank you kindly to to Mr. @pfunk for his gracious upvote) and so I assumed it kinda was not well received.

This makes me so happy and I'm so grateful for the kind comments @krystle @soundlegion @meno @luzcypher, @passion-ground... thank you all and I believe there is so much talent here in this list and those who were not included as well. Would have loved to see @pechichemena up there.
Love to all of you. Hugs and cookies and goodness!

♥ I love @openmic
♥- Serena

The number of votes a post gets was never a factor in picking the top 5 just so you know. We loved your entry. Congratulations!

Oh wow I always thought that factored in! I know nothing about life. ha ha ha. Thank you whatevre the reason it means a lot. ♥

those are good ones

Bravo @juliolunar...

Congratulations to this week's winners! His works as artists are fantastic good luck to all

Awesome for my friends @dianakyv and @juliolunar. I also enjoy a lot @cristmounicou's everytime. Congrats! Greetings, @luzcypher.

Que bueno encontrarse con la noticia de ver a un amigo quedar en los cinco(5) premiados ¡Bravo! @juliolunar

Felicidades a todos los ganadores, bien merecidos lugares con exquisitos trabajos musicales.
Un abrazo!!!!

So. Much. Talent. Seriously, y'all amaze and inspire me! Yay for OPEN MIC! :)