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RE: Operation: We are The Open Mic

in #openmic2 years ago (edited)

What if its a multiple purpose * post? Ive been working on both a cover and also an original.. was planning to submit to openmic but you know me and getting posts done.. so i have three other things to need to post about 😳😩😂. Guatemala, new projects i like etc

Can it be all in one? 😂


Yes of course, this is pretty much a gesture of love for the competition that gives so much back to the platform. As long as the rules are followed to enter the competition, you are welcome to do it.

That being said, donated posts don't have to be about music even, if you have a post that you feel comfortable adding @openmic as a beneficiary, you can do it. I will listen for the tag and do my best to give it some extra love.

Yeah no sweat!! I'd have to get on the laptop for steemplusvand its 12:05 hopefully i have time to finish soonnnn

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