thanks for the support bud!

So based on what @tcpolymath is saying here, the rewards from a post to a beneficiary are paid in SP, not liquid Steem? So would it be more directly beneficial to just delegate SP to the @openmic account for now, since rewards would be paid in SP anyways?

I'm trying to find info on this... i dont know if this is correct... but.. in any case, the openmic account could be powering down to pay out steem anyways. delegating to it would help, sure but only so that it can upvote with higher values out, but it would not accumulate steem for payouts. Does that make sense?

For sure. I'll stay tuned to see what the best way to contribute would be. I'm a little fish, not much to offer, but the Steemit Open Mic is a worthy candidate for my meager contribution :)

So basically, anything that powers up @openmic goes out to the entrants equally in upvotes. Which is great! And if that's what you want to do it's very helpful.

It doesn't do anything about the size of the prizes, though.

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