#2 Beatbox Challenge | "This is Liproll" | A Contribution To The Community

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#2 Beatbox Challenge | This is Liproll

Hello steemians, I just want to share my sounds that I used oftentimes when I do beatbox .
This time in my video, I beatbox the sound that is commonly known as Liproll . I acquire this sound for approximately 3 Months. It is very hard to do this. The thing that I do is only watching the videos in youtube and practice it everyday. Even my colleagues are bothered and confused on that time why i am so noisy practicing that but i don't mind them. I am just trying my best to have this.
Without further ado I humbly present my talent to all of you and I hope you will enjoy it .

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Lastly, I really appreciate your effort 🏃🏋🏄 to comment 💭💭💭 on my performance. Like how I should improve it? Or any suggestions,opinions and the like. I will accept it all heartily.




Wow. Another piece of art. You really are fantastic.

Hehe thanks again for the unending support comming from you mate.

galing mo pre!!! angas!!!