Steemit Open Mic Week 83 - “Prelude in C” (WTC, BK 1) - J.S. Bach

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I went with a classical piano piece for this week’s Open Mic Contest.. this is not the most difficult piece, but it is beautiful. The chord progression is one of the best and is also used in a version of “Ave Maria.” I hope you all enjoy! 🎹🎶


Hi @drewley,

Thank you for this post. I recognized the "Ave Maria" chord progression right away, and I enjoyed listening to your performance of Bach's "Prelude in C."

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Man how you get all your fingers to work like that and cooperate......

The minor notes seem to fit so much better in classical as the structure can be anything.

Awesome piece again.

Thanks so much!

Prelude in C - J.S. Bach | i am 2nd Viewer |

Cool Piano and also You.

Very good. Love music. Lovely piano @drewley

Nice music my friend. I love your music. Many thanks for share

Thanks for sharing and best of luck for the competition!

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wonderful music. looking beautiful piano. i love piano. thanks for @drewley

Good call! One can never go wrong with Bach.

Nice paino and cool tune

You are right it is beautiful. Great work!

nice musik bro, ty :D

dear sir enjoy in life by piano and music.
without music life is boor.

I after hearing a classic piece of piano from you it's good

beautiful music sir...😍 I just woke up sometimes ago... feeling really refreshed after hearing you music sir.😊

This is so cool sir you will have amazing future sir.

Love your videos so much sir have a great day sir keep going.

i watching this video. its fantastic. I am touched by your post to me. Thank you.

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Just nice presenting this post.I love this music.

Lovely music. Mqke me happy and enjoy. Thanks Ms. @drewley

Good Videos My friend liked her and I have heard her