Steemit Openmic Week 100 - Ghoozake Pa (Ankle) - Covered by Davood Faramarzi aka @Davidfar - Persian song

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Freydoon Forooghi was one of our greatest musicians and vocalists who had some great pieces in Iranian rock and pop music, and this one was one of his Hits, in Iran's past, we had two other artists called Farhad Mehrad and Koorosh Yaghmai who were singing and playing Iranian rock musics. and I loved their works so much. I hope my performance can be good :D

This song is about a person who lost something or someone, and is also too tired of everything and nothing can heal him, and he rather going to a corner and spend his lonely times while he says there is not even a death place for his cold body ... and he knows that the one he lost wont come back so he says I know that you are not here but I still kiss your cold lips to try even when it hurts me like torturing. and as it's called "Ghoozake Pa" in English "Ankle", its starts with a line says : This Ankle became too weak and lost its power and can't move anymore ...

Thanks Openmic Team and Thanks Sponsors!

Peace & Love Everyone!!


Interesting and cool song - great performance, David!

Thank you so much Passion :)) it's a pleasure!

Sounds awesome man, great job <3

Many thanks brother! <3

Wow i rnjoyed this beautifull sounds you r doing hard work

Thank you so much :)

Powerful singing my friend! Quite a voice! And thank you for resteeming my post!

Thank you so much Shephard, its great to hear your kind feedback, it was a pleasure! keep up the good work man! :)

Very cool man, I love the vocal style, very powerful.

Thank you so much shookriya :) glad you liked it

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Thank you so much for supports! :D

excellent work, always supporting you brother ... greetings!

Thank you so much bro :)