Charity Ep music release. Irish Folk and Traditional Irish

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I've just started busking again in the past week in Ireland, where I live. I have a long history busking but most recently it was trad and folk I played during a project with 'Raggle agus Taggle'. The songs were influenced by John Martyn and Paul Brady and also various other folk, progressive folk, jazz and world music crossovers.

Stephen Played fiddle (violin) and I played guitar and did the singing. The songs were written in Northern Ireland where I went to college. Being dissatisfied with the quality of songs I was writing in English I began translating some works to Irish. It was a good fit artistically and it worked well. After this writing songs in English was easier and I'm becoming a better songwriter and instrumental writer more and more writing soul, jazz and funk.

I'll be posting more stuff soon and hope you will follow me on this journey.

Here's the link to our release:

I'm new here so only beginning to figure out how this works but glad to be here and hope to become more involved as my knowledge of steemit progresses.

Music is a difficult business and it would mean a lot just to get some feedback but please realize that this is old material from 2011.

Btw Football Special is a refreshing local Donegal drink...


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