Steemit Openmic 66 Cover Under The MilkyWay Tonight

in openmic •  2 years ago  (edited)

Happy New Year Steemit! I'll list all those here that I've enjoyed reading and chatting with over my first 6-months on Steemit. Of course @diabolika, @thewisesloth, @snowmachine,@passion-ground,@aliveawakeaware,@thatgermandude,@cali-girl,@luczypher,@chelsea88,@denmarkguy,@soundlegion,@peterloupelis,@kayclarity,@aleluzdosol77, @bucho@kiaazad,@meno,@majestytyty,@Isaria,@ekklesigoria,@healingherb.....
And, of [email protected]' go girl!

Well, my kindest regards to all of you and my sincere best wishes for 2018:)

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I just saw this @andrewmarkmusic, cool video. I would have seen it sooner if you would have spelled my name right and If I wasn't lost in space. Thanks be to @diabolika for notifying me of this special mention. Party On Wayne

My apologies​ @aleluzdosol77...I've made the correction! My best wishes to you in 2018! Cheers!

Best wishes to you @andrewmarkmusic

Nice entry, brother - and thanks for the mention on your special list! I've enjoyed reading, listening to, and interacting with you as well.

Nice production, and split screen implementation for sure... The timing synchronization is a bit dicey here and there... I know about that all-too-well... drives me crazy sometimes... ha! Good one, nonetheless!

Right on bro! Yeah, the syncing is a pain, for sure...I kind of loose patience with the process and go, well...good enough! I like my takes, though, and can live with the outta sync.

hahahahha Andrew, I love how fearless you are!!! you sound great as always!

Thank-you, meno:)

Cheers! Happy New Year to you:)

I love this song so much! Thanks for the mention. I mean, how many guitars do you have?

very very nice my friend... killer job as always