Meet OpenLedger at TechBBQ in Copenhagen 24-25/09/2018

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This September, OpenLedger will join 1,500 startups, over 250 investors and more than 4,000 attendees at Copenhagen’s TechBBQ in Øksnehallen.

Our CEO, Ronny Boesing](, will be there, as will business development manager Martin Crillesen and event manager Desiree Falter.

Copenhagen’s Øksnehallen will play host to a two-day international tech startup summit, for and by the startup community. Participants from across the world will come to speak, hear, and network with startups, Nordic and European VCs and angel investors, and potential customers.

Startups in attendance won’t be restricted to blockchain either: there are AI, IoT, fintech, cleantech and 3D printing startups among the 1000+ founders out on the floor and on the event’s four stages.

Ronny, Martin and Desiree are excited to meet fellow startups, as well as investors and participants, and introduce the ideas behind OpenLedger to new people.

To book a meeting with our executives, feel free to drop us a line at

Haven’t bought a ticket to TechBBQ yet? You can use the promotional code ‘OpenLedger’ here and save 30% on your ticket price. Note: the code is valid to September 10, inclusive.

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