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It took me some time to realize this, but it's better to not only complain about the loopholes and issues, but to also exploit them while doing so.

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Well ... More or less.

I've seriously wondered since a few days if your posts are an ongoing satire or you resignated and just jumped on the bandwaggon you fighted against before.

Your last serious Post was 6 days ago and since than only cheap shit.
If i hadn't followed your crusade against linear before and looked as newbee on your profile, the conlusion surely wouldn't be what you intend to say.

I would recomend you to differenciate more on your profile.
Keep the quality content for the world to see and just salt it with sarcasm, because perfect sarcasm looks like accually being an asshole..

"Selfie Time" 18 days ago was an perfect pointe to your previous, serious posts and sparked an great discussion, but your latest posts only get 10-20 comments and throw in my Opinion an bad light for someone to pass by and don't get the joke anymore.

Obviously, you can shape your blog as you want. Just take this warning that the joke / criticism might not be as clear anymore.

Gruß Fuchsfalke


I've seriously wondered since a few days if your posts are an ongoing satire or you resignated and just jumped on the bandwaggon you fighted against before.

Please consider: I have been here for almost 2 years.

There is a long history to this.
I have complained a lot on Steemit.

The main thing held against me was my relatively low rewards;
I have been accused of jealousy, whenever I complained about unfair rewards.

The lesson here really is: exploit first and complain later.


Sad to hear that thats the conclusion of someone who knows the System better than most of us.

The lesson here really is: exploit first and complain later.
Oh, I've an Idea for you then:
(Following our ongiong Discussion in this german Post German Discussion)

You should create an Post like this one (Honeypot-Post) and later sue all the People who used your Images for Copyright violation!
(obviously leave out the "feel Free to use them"-Part)

@oliverschmid stated the Exploid as following:

Und das große zusätzliche Problem hierbei: Die Bilder können später nicht mehr gelöscht werden. Erkläre das mal einem Abmahnanwalt. Der wird sich die Hände reiben, denn dann heißt es richtig abkassieren. [...]

Steemit, das unerschöpfliche Pool an Urheberrechtsverletzungen - so wie Facebook auch. Nur das hier unsere Wallets auch noch sichtbar sind, es offensichtlich eine kommerzielle Nutzung ist, und man Dir genau vorrechnen wird, wieviel Du mit dem Bild verdient hast.


You could easily search through Steemit for your reused Link and if you later start to become really lazy or have an external Site from where the Pictures are - just watch the SteemCleaners Report and wait for your images to appear: SteemCleanersReport

I can't imagine an more effective way right now to exploid this plattform and its community, and after 7 Days they aren't even able to delete the Stuff so you can sue them for even more Profit!

If there is anything I tried to establish about myself on STEEM, it's that I have strong moral standards.

I don't take these exploits lightly.
I consider the procedure you described above not only morally wrong, but I'm pretty sure it's actually illegal in most countries.

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I would appreciate if you join our german discussion about the potential future risk of IP-Crimes at the Link above.

To our state of understanding, the scenario i've sarcasticly described could become an real threat to this plattform and its users.

Speaking from an Users standpoint:
What if i've carelessly used an Image from Google two years ago and get sued now? Does Steem provides any Option to get my own Content down?

Following the Quote from @Oliverschmid, we've discussed if it is possible to implement an Option to 'delete' problematic Content long after the 7-Day-Period by adding an Tag to not show the content anymore. We assumed, that this feature is already active for an Post which stays on the Chain without being displayed after it has been edited.

Would it be possible to add this "Hide-Content" Feature into HF20 or is the infrastructure already there, so only the Front-Ends have to adapt?