From History: Today's Famous Birthdays - 18/Feb/2018

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Hi Steemians,

This is an effort to provide some information on Five selected famous personalities born on this day.

Courtesy of this information goes to, and and image source is mentioned under "Source" just below each image.

1. John Travolta


John Travolta is an American actor, film producer, singer and dancer who is best known for his performances in movies like Face/Off, Pulp Fiction and Swordfish.

He is a 2 time nominee for Academy Awards and a one time winner of Golden Globe Award for Best Actor.

Some of his best movies apart from the ones mentioned are Saturday Night Fever, Grease, Wild Hogs, Hairspray.

Travolta is a Private Pilot license holder and owns four aircrafts.

He is also a Primetime Emmy Award winner for his contributions as a producer.

2. Toni Morrison

Toni Morrison.jpg

Toni Morrison is an American novelist, essayist, editor and professor who is well known for her book Beloved which own her a Pulitzer Prize and American Book Award.

Some of her other works include The Bluest Eye, Paradise.

She is also honored with Nobel Prize in Literature in 1993

3. Matt Dillon


Matt Dillon is an American actor and director who is known for his roles in movies like Wild Things, There is Something about Mary, In & Out to name a few.

For his movie Crash, he was nominated for Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor and Golden Globe Award for Best Actor.

He is also a one time nominee for Grammy Award for Best Spoken Word Album for narrating Jack Kerouac's On the Road.

He has interest in music albums and appeared in several music videos.

4. Enzo Ferrari


Enzo Ferrari was an Italian motor racing driver and entrepreneur, the founder of the Scuderia Ferrari Grand Prix motor racing team and also the Ferrari automobiles.

He was known as il Commendatore and el Grand Vachchio meaning The Great Old Man.

He is the founder of Ferrari automobiles, which is one of the biggest Sports and Racing car manufacturers.

5. Ernst Mach


Ernst Mach was an Austrian physicist and philosopher who has made contributions to shock waves.

His famous invention regarding physical origin of inertia is called as Mach Principle.

He was a big criticizer of Newton's theories.

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I knew about these birthday people). I really love John Travolta, and "Pulp Fiction" I watched many times! Thank you for a pleasant memory.

Thanks for the appreciation. Nice to know about your liking for John Travolta.

I got a chance to watch his other awesome movie Face/Off, which I think is another big hit movie for him.

Thanks for visiting again. Have a good day :)

Yes, I saw this movie, it's terrific))).

What a good compilation, friend, happy Sunday

Thank you..Hope you enjoyed reading this.

Have a good Sunday :)

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

yes divine thank you very good report, happy day

Great!! You are welcome my friend.

Everytime I've a friend on fb with a birthday is a good reason to put a steemit post on their timeline. Thank-you 😇

Oh, that will be a good idea man. Thank you.

What happened to your reputation? Any issue? If you want, we can discuss and see how that can be improved.

Good day..

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😆 you're the second person to mention my reputation. If this is an issue, I don't know about it at all. @cheetah helped me tremendously with her robot research, but I found @steemcleaners to be be arbitrary and ignorant. They will not communicate and do not oversee their robot, but seem to assume that the parameters they have set Cannot be in error. The site @cheetah found is a copy 'almost' plagiarised from a book that the public wrote, and was published for the common weal throughout the Victorian era as an encyclopaedia for common knowledge to not be misused. They at @steemcleaners decided 'without' any blog research, on evidence of a singular part of a series to Not Show. I received queries from my followers, and found what had been done, even though the post had votes, it was said to be of low rating ¿ Queried several times, it appears there is no human @steemcleaners who reads replies, let alone checks the blog from which the posts are targeted. It is not my overall reputation in balance, it is the use of robots without overseers that is the question. There was no spam nor any plagiarism (apart from possibly in www site @cheetah found) and I had written an explanation all my viewers had read in the series, so if, my reputation is now in question, then it is because of arbitrary, ignorant, bullies.
Bullies need to be pulled up. It is the first step to being a terrorist, and we all have enough violence without allowing bullies on
Keep on keeping on. 😇
If one hears or reads something belittling, then the query and focus should be on the source, not the object. 😂 I don't lose respectability by being the victim, but how much re-tweaking of robots is going on now, that 'they' can lift their heads¿ 😉

Hmm, frankly speaking, @cheetah being a bot, sometimes wrongly flags the posts, but I think what I did was to give an explanation on the comment posted by that to clear the air.

I never experienced such thing with @steemcleaners though, and I got to interact with couple of them when I was flagged once or twice, it was mistake and after discussion, we could resolve and I found @steemcleaners a chance to correct myself as all the points mentioned were valid ones in my case.

Hopefully, someone from @steemcleaners gives an attention to you and you get it resolved.

I think discussion is the best way to resolve the issues.

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Thank you @hoschitrooper. Appreciate that.

Have a great day.

Enzo Ferrari?? What a nice fact that this guy was born on the month same as me. Meaning that if they can achieve it I can also someday on my own field

Oh, Happy to know you are born in this month!!

And more importantly, I am happy that this has encouraged you that you can also be like Ferrari one day.

Good Day and Thanks for visiting.

jhon travolta is good actor

Yes, he is one of the nicest actors. I still remember his acting in Face/Off. Such a nice one.

@Bestbot resteemed ur post

I've been waiting on your blog expecting your new post

Now here it comes. Good job sir

Thank you @opeyemioguns. Glad you follow it regularly.

Have a good day my friend.

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Happy belated birthday to a great actor John Travolta. I love face off with Nicholas cage. That is a great movie of all time. I also love from Paris with love

Awesome!!, I love Face/Off too.

Thanks for re-visiting my friend.

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