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A few months ago, I stumbled onto a small article in PRNewswire about the ONO social network.

When I find some blockchain project that interests me, I usually dig until my curiosity has been satisfied, or until I find some scammy aspect of the project, at which point, I ditch it.

With ONO, I just never stopped digging, researching and sharing what I had found.

Now I’ve been working with the ONO core team for a few months, and it has been a wild ride so far, with language barriers (I don’t speak Chinese), opposite time zones (my mornings are nights in Beijing, China) and cultural differences. But ONO has opened to my eyes to possibilities and visionary leadership.

Founder and CEO, Ke Xu is building ONO for users, and this mission is one I also believe in 100%. Most CEOs and heads of companies are motivated by the wrong things. Not Ke. Not me. My main mission is and has been to help as many people as possible get free through new knowledge and cutting-edge tools.

And what do I mean by “free” anyway?

I was a wage slave for more years than I care to count. And I had it pretty good, actually. Most people on the planet don’t have a chance in hell. People in failed governments, people who don’t believe that they possess anything of value inside of themselves, people who are led by fear instead of conviction.

I have found talented people all over the world who are not getting any compensation for what they create. Their voices get drowned out by clickbait garbage, due to centralized algorithms and inefficient mechanisms. To be honest, I have known for several years now that the current advertising system is broken.
People deserve better than having their data up for sale to the highest bidder. I think it’s safe to say that a radically different model is about to disrupt the broken ad model of Facebook and other centralized platforms.

Even though the ONO dApp is not out yet, I have to admit that ONO’s white paper shows striking intelligence, technical expertise and above all, a mission I can actually get behind: building a social media platform that doesn’t sell users data, and which is actually designed with users as its first priority.

The international version of ONO will be launched on June 25, 2018 and will use an invitation code system.

Only those who get an invite code will be allowed in to help build the ONO ecosystem. ONO is not a copy of any existing social platform because ONO is decentralized. ONO does not need to collect users’ data because ONO doesn’t sell users data.

If you would like to become an early adopter in ONO, you can sign up for an invitation code:

Early adopters in ONO are valuable because they will be providing the ONO developers with helpful feedback about the ONO dApp, helping the technology get better. The ONO dApp is still in beta, so early adopters will be critical in helping the ONO social network grow. If you’d like to get into ONO on the ground floor, you can sign up to get an invite code. There will be a limited number of early beta users in the ONO social Network. Your code will be emailed to you once the ONO dApp is launched, June 25, 2018.

Some common questions regarding this pre-registration form:

Q: When will I get the invitation code after I submit my email?

A: You will be emailed your ONO invitation code after the June 25, 2018 ONO dApp launch.

Q: My email didn’t work in the submission form, what should I do now?

A: Go the the English ONO Telegram channel, take a screenshot of the issue, post this screenshot and tag @stellabelle to get this resolved.
ONO Telegram channel link:

Any other questions you may have regarding the invitation code or anything else, visit the ONO English Telegram channel where there are ONO volunteers ready to help you:
What is the ONO social network?

The ONO social network is a free, decentralized social network that rewards its users with ONOTs. The ONO dApp is very user-friendly and no prior knowledge of blockchain is required. Decentralized means that users have voting rights, and will have full control over their content. Users are ONO’s number one priority and users help build ONO. ONO is being built upon the EOS.IO software.

About the Author:

Stellabelle is the author of one book, Un-Crap Your Life: Navigating Life’s Crappiest Situations

She’s the founder of the crypto artist collective, @slothicorn. She is also now working as the Leader of International Operations at ONO.

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big thanks to you @stellabelle for not keeping such insightful information. i will sign up right now

Thanks @stellabelle for this valuable information. I did already. Your updates on telegram are priceless.

I've signed up for the invite code. Really looking forward to the launch.

I wish you guys and gals much success! I hope it is everything you wanted it to be and more. May your launch go much smoother than applications and games do these days.

Thank you for the info. I've signed up and joined the telegram group :-)

@stellabelle thanks for this informative article.
But I would like to ask, is it open for all creative genre's apart from writing.


it's open for all creative genres, and short form, micro blogs like Twitter are perfect in ONO.


That sounds great..
Thanks alot..

Your passion for young mind was my major breakthrough on steemit too @stellabelle few months ago. Yes ONO sound very much life changing, such thoughtfulness and opportunities I only can't trade it for laziness. experience has brighting my future. Thanks you @stellabelle

Awesome stuff! Looking forward to ONO :)

I like the fact that you need to be invited before gaining access. This could help reduce spam jamming.

Thanks for the info.


There are more than 3 good reasons to have invitation codes. Reducing robot sign-ups is the most obvious one.....LOL.


Hmmm, brain ticking... I could think of one or two more that would equate to limiting abuse of the system?
Edit: I'll be doing more research but the excitement is there. I trust your judgement though... however let me inform my lazy admin side :)

Yaaay, so excited about ONO. Thanks for all that you do ma'am @stellabelle

Great narrative about the new from of social media coming to our space. Many thanks to @stellablle for sharing such an insightful and informative post about ONO am having a feeling that the platform will be a top notch and it will be a force to recon with!

@stellabelle your blog little different but impressive.

I've already signed on and am awaiting the invitation. Curious how ONO will develop. Will it over come Steemit's problems?


The Super Partner mechanism in ONO is a completely new approach, and is democratic in nature. We will see.......

The true definition of "information is valuable" is your article. Thanks for this information @stellabelle.

This is really cool and amazing and I hope I can get in on it. I'll share for sure. Exciting things happening in crypto and our burgeoning new digital world.

Thanks for the info, I've read the name ONO somewhere but never knew what was about. I have to say that one of the fisrt articles I read when I was investigating about steemit was yours, so I thank you for this info about ONO.

Sound like it is very interesting project to get in. Thank you for sharing

I´m in, now it´s time to wait and see if there are still any spots left for me!

Early adoption is the way to go, especially in crypto.

On what blockchain is the app running if the EOS mainnet not launched yet? Will they re-launch when the mainnet launch?


They are using servers right now, as a temporary solution. ONO is also building its own Mainnet, due to the rapid growth of users, and need for autonomy.


They will migrate everything over once the ONO Mainnet is launched.

Just setup my telegram and signed up for a code. Really hoping I can be a user from the moment I can and be a part of this!

Invite request sent: I hope to receive an invite soon!

A big hug from @amico! ;)

What is than the big difference between ONO and steemit? Is it just another pyramid where the majority of users serves the top?

This sounds ab~soul~utely intriquing!!! I am going to go sign up right now, because Facecrack is dead. People are leaving it in droves, going to IG and Twitter instead. Now that they took the trending News from the sidebar, people are not happy. Personally, I have been sick of that place ever since the very first day that I had to go there because MySpace died out :(
Curious if they will they pay out in Bitcoin? or other cryptocurrencies?
Thanks for all the info! You are such an inspiration!!


They will pay out in ONOT, the native token of ONO. I look forward to connecting with you and sharing a sticker or two! Have a look at the UI, pretty good huh?