ONO Weekly Report: Aug. 6-10

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1 Product and R&D This Week

1.1 Summary

This week, ONO has made major progress on its user-friendly data synchronization service. The project is expected to be completed at the end of August. The post editor went through a review as well, alongside a series of related functions.

ONO’s public feedback requested for a translation function into the DApp to allow for chat messages, articles, and stories. We’re pleased to announce that ONO has heard you, and will implement this option in the near future.

The social network will launch a major update in September, and will add new elements onto the home page.

1.2 ONO To Release A New Version Mid-August

The main update relates to the notification function which will apply to local, and overseas users, including:

  • Twitter and Facebook share option

  • GPRS device location added

  • Feedback function under development

  • Optimization of access to content, page load

1.3 Bugs Fixed In This Version

  • Fixes IOS location bug

  • Fixes bug when entering profile information

  • Fixes login/logout bug

  • Fixes server bug relating to homepage

-to repair the BUG of the constellation corresponding to the actual constellation date

1.4 ONO Product Development Updates

Community Regulation

Users can comment to the regulations by hashtaging #ONOXuKe. From July 11th, all violations will be publicized using the following information: Reason(s), Warning (Beginning this Friday), Method(s) of appeal and Community regulations.

This week, we reviewed a total of 117 users (for details, please refer to the “community regulations”section ). Those were the following violations users were involved in:

  1. Sensitive content related to pornography, gambling, and the use of illegal substances.

  2. Insults, harassment, discrimination, malicious incitement, attacks, threats or other behaviors that disrespect the community.

  3. Publish multiple spam advertisements containing the selling of products, services, and other promotional content.

  4. Purchasing bots, account, boosting likes and comments.

  5. Malicious promotional marketing methods, mass posting/spamming, forwarding of unrelated content or copying and pasting comments.

  6. Plug-ins, malicious programs or related program for operating account functions.

2 Marketing

2.1 Operations Updates


On Monday, John Milburn, a former EOS technology expert, has joined ONO as a technical partner, leading the current Mainnet team including Matias Romeo and other 11 members. John Milburn has previously served as a senior scientist at UC Berkeley, and as a chief engineer for a well regarded laboratory in South Korea.

On Tuesday, Ono participated to a show hosted by a series of crypto, and blockchain-centered organizations, and local communities.

2.2 Marketing Activities


Last Sunday, Xu Ke featured in “Does the internet belong to the millenials?” blockchain-centered debate contest, alongside a senior strategy researcher in a leading energy chain laboratory, and a top applications centre director, where ONO’s CEO expressed

“The market will eventually return to a favorable state since I trust that companies that don’t fit will vanish from the bubble”.


On Saturday evening, Xu Ke will take part to a live event with the aim to alleviate poverty where 200,666 ONOTs will be distributed. This Saturday, Xu Ke will participate to a crypto-centered conference-debate dealing with the state of the blockchain industry.

Connect With ONO:

Official website: https://www.ono.chat

Telegram English

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