Shout-Out to my Followers! 600+ Followers now!!

in onmyway •  2 years ago 

Hey all you boys and girls out there in my Follower list. 600+ Followers!!

You all make this worthwhile and I just want to do right by everyone! I hope I have given you some good, solid content to read and experience. If you want to request a story or direct Post Shout-Out to someone, let me know by leaving a comment! If you do so and leave me a comment to let me know what you'd like to see me write a Post about, I will try my best to put it in my queue!

I am sure that I am on my way to...


I would love to see all of my upvotes followed and upvoted by all of my followers to provide extra support for all the great minnows that are struggling to make it in this great big ocean of people and posts.

Those of you who are doing such a great job, keep it up.

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I'm sure you are too, you keep working the room and you'll be there soon

cheers JJ

Could you imagine having a million followers? Especially if they were active followers that upvoted everything I upvoted.

That would change things...

Even at 1% for each the sheer volume would be tremendous.

Yeah. Have you ever thought about firing some of your followers?

I have, but it seems like work to do well

Why do you say that?

'cause I followed too many, and don't want to accidentally unfollow people who I still want to follow.

I haven't been looking at my feed, so have no real idea.

I can't say that I have, lol.

No problem. I don't its possible, but why would you want to I guess. Anyway, thanks for this...😀 😃 😄 😁 I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!

You too my friend.

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there's a saying in Spanish that is wait sitting down. I think it's appropriate now


I can understand that.

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