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Maybe most people do not know what causes hemoglobin deficiency? Hemoglobin is a genetic disease that causes red blood to become inactive again due to the heart rate is not maximal anymore. This short red blood cell age will cause anemia and hemoglobin deficiency, increased bilirubin, and swelling of the spleen, as the liver is forced to overhaul red blood cells that are not yet time to be overhauled. Because the genetic nature of course can not be cured with drugs.
Every deficiency of Hemoglobin Mr. In hospital always blood transfusion 5 to 6 bags of red blood, distiap kantobg blood increased one hemoglobin and father almost every month in hospital hope you always pray is given the best for my parents,
every father sick appetite decreased. In anemia a plastic patient will also experience anemia, but can still live normally and perform daily activities. In minor thalassemia the sufferer carries only the nature of a career where in a healthy physical condition like an ordinary normal person.

From a little description above maybe readers can be more familiar whether thalassemia it? I myself am a major thalassemia sufferer! I also do not understand whether this is a gift or a curse? Since being sentenced to suffer from thalassemia my life is bleak. I started suffering from thalassemia since I was 6 years old. At that time I had a very long fainting. Because my parents panicked me to the hospital to find out why I fainted. A series of my health tests went through blood, urine, and x-ray tests, but the results were nil. The doctor just guessed that I was suffering from hepatitis, because the retina of my eyes started to turn yellow. Three days I was hospitalized. After that incident my life began to change, I felt like an abnormal person, ostracized, and became a quiet person. Suspecting my kindergarten teacher asked me "Are you sick? your eyes look yellow! ". I can not answer anything because I do not know either! After that, my parents asked my parents to ask me what is this disease? My parents just answered "our son does not suffer from any illness, he is healthy" This is said by my parents because my parents also do not know exactly what I am suffering from.

Entering a large kindergarten, I was re-examined at a different government hospital in Jakarta, and the results were also nil. The doctor just said "Father's son, and mother suffered from hepatitis!" Because my parents did not believe I was taken to a private hospital, and the result was the same, but by chance my parents met with professor of internal medicine, and the professor said " your child's mother is not suffering from hepatitis but thalassemia, father's son, mother can go home now! "The professor also advised my parents to go to the referral hospital. Finally I was invited to the hospital and how shocked my parents were there many thalassemia patients. After I was examined, the doctor explained about the disease thalassemia itself, the explanation of the disease is similar to the first paragraph I made. Doctors can only love treatment for thalassemia patients is blood transfusion. But behind the blood transfusion turned out to be a loss that must be borne sufferers of iron overload.


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The professor also advised my parents to go to the referral hospital.


Seumoga beubagah puleh ustad


please be strong my friend. my mommy Brenda has myelodysplastic disorder too or what we call alpha-thalassemia.

ok thanks

Support for you and family friend. Regards


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Wish him a speedy recovery... All will be well..

I'm so sorry dear, but i consider you a very strong person to even consider sharing the story like this. Please stay strong for you and your parents. I'll always pray for you.