Why DTubers Should Care About Apps Like Steepshot | DTube Exclusive

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I did a video on Steepshot a few days ago, where I basically just said how happy I am with the look and features of the app. I also committed to posting on Steepshot almost on the daily, and I wanted to talk a bit in this video why i think DTubers should pay more attention to these types of Apps connected to Steemit.

Hi everyone and welcome to my DTube channel! I am a 20 year old cyclist, traveler, runner, vegan and adventure seeker from Cape Town, South Africa. If you are reading this it means you are meeting me at an exciting year in my life, which will be filled with bicycle touring and lots of traveling.

There is a quote which says "Life is either a daring adventure, or it's nothing at all." That is how I can best describes 2018 and if I can help it (which I now I can) the years to come.

In July I will fly to Paris to travel Europe and watch the Tour de France. I know that a lot of my followers on DTube and Steemit are from Europe, so it would be great to meet some of you while I am there! I am already in contact with a few people and I can't wait to see you guys there. You can check out the video: here if you want more details on the DTube Paris meetup I am planning. Thanks again everyone!

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I have never been able to actually upload a picture from my phone to Steepshot. I always get a network error, so I have to do it from my house. This takes away from the spontaneity of it.


That’s weird and yeah of course that would make things a lot harder to post on there. I have luckily never had a problem posting from my phone

I never heard of "Steepshot" I will take a look to it. Thanks for the information mate!