🍁DTube Exclusive🍁Canada Day Special Edition!🤣Celebrating turning 151 years by LMAOing at ourselves!💖

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Happy Canada Day Steemians of the World!!🌎The Canada Day celebration kicked off with a huge party! We told a bunch of hilarious Canadian jokes🤣! Had a ton of fun on the pier on the edge of Lake Ontario! And we wanted to share it with you guys!! Join us for this little slice of Canadian Culture! We will have you laughing, and maybe even learning a little something aboot < Canadians! Eh!!😜

🍁Shout out to @OneLoveDTube which is Canadian founded and worldwide and to the Founder of OneLove and Vancouver native @D00k13! While your at it if you are not a member already.. please click the link below and join the party over at discord to become a part of the best Steemit community on Earth!🌎


💖We always appreciate it when you guys are so kind and leave a nice comment down below.. please feel free to do so as we really enjoy reading them! We are always sure to leave a nice upvote on your comments.. and even stop by and pass the love back over to ya Eh!💖

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Lol makes me want to travel. They can’t be that kind 😂😂😂


hehehe yes we are!! Well most of us! You are welcome to Canada any time @quevo! We would love to have you! Thank you so much for stopping by.. your comment made this lil ol' Canadian gal as happy as can be!

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Very very very very nice video.... 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌


Thank you 🙏🏼 your comment is much appreciated! ☺️

@kawaiicrush LOL! I like the jokes the best. I also have to say that I like the light-hearted approach you take in your videos. It makes it a lot more fun. Happy Canada Day! I hope I got that right. :)


Thanks @thepuppetpatch😃 laughter is good like medicine! Cant wait to see your next episode!!🤣 you guys always make my day with your sense of humour😆


Yay! Happy Canada 🇨🇦 Day to you too!!

Happy Canada Day @kawaiicrush! Is that how you would normally say it? "Happy Canada Day?" just curious, since I am not Canadian :p


Yes!! That’s how we do it😃tonight is going to be amazing!! Roasted corn cobs at the pier and henna tattoos yipee! Thanks for stopping by @itskyle! Cant wait to hear your music soon😁