@Arcange’s Auto Account Claim - I Got It Running On @OneLoveDTube With One Minor Hiccup Due To My Shortcoming... Help? 😅

in onelovedtube •  4 months ago 

Now this little trial has shown to me how little I really know of what I wish to venture into starting with functioning through Ubuntu Linux.

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After I stumbled across @arcange’s post I decided to take it on myself instead of trying to get the tech boys of @onelovedtube to do it as per usual. I have interests in running a witness so I need to start somewhere right? The current IPFS node I run for the community is a great rig with plenty of power to play with... let the learning begin!

So after a bit of updating and installing of stuff I was able to get the script to run with using just Arcange’s post with GitHub as reference and some googling for the missing information for my system on updating...

Nope couldn’t explain it if I tried but I got there 💪 I learned at this point I know absolutely nothing 😅 it ran and claimed an account that’s a success in my books 🙌

So My Trouble

is the last section “to run the app continuously in the background, you can use PM2” alright I thought, I had @gray00 walk me through setup of auto starting my IPFS Node / Discord Bot / Auto IPFS Sync Script, I should be able to make sense of this 🤞

  1. Generate ecosystem.config.js file with pm2 init command and add the environment variables in the file.
  2. When you are done, start the app with the following command:
    pm2 start ecosystem.config.js --env production

Number one I am literally stuck on the “environmental variables” and seems like after I know what it is I need to stuff in that file I’m good, simple google right?

Not so right, this is where I see I know not what I do not know 🤔

Anyone care to provide the solution?

In the meantime I’ve purchased the premium Skillshare package for the sake of learning on my own, such a simple question led me to taking this step. So many other things I will need to be familiar with down the line, suppose now I’m going to try get my damn moneys worth outa that subscription!


There are a couple good crash courses for Linux, should be a good place to start. Seen a few on graphics design, merchandise... anyways you get the point... replacing my usual viewing content with learning videos... sorry guys 🙏

Often times I have found the best routes of my Steem investments to be investments within myself!

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!!!

Thats it @d00k13 OUT

Wallet of a Minnow, Heart of a Whale

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If you need help to setup PM2, feel free to contact me on steem.chat or on Discord

Actually, you know what! I can thank you for inspiring me to finally learn a little bit about Linux 💪

I got the script working just fine now all on my own, proud of that! It was just the technical language and fear of screwing something up that stopped me from just launching the PM2 after generating the config 🤦‍♂️

Now I’ve started on Skillshare to get more insight with a “audio visual learner” hue 😅 and my first project was picking running a smoke witness (would have been steem but my rig not quite good enough) 💪

So thank you buddy, I know you did nothing directly but wanting to learn what I was missing to get your script running has evolved into so much more 🙏

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This is really awesome! To me, self-learning is the best way to go and one of my mottoes is "experience is the name we give to our errors".
Even when screwing things, we learn from it.
Congrats you went through your fear 👍

Yeah man, thanks for all the support ❤️ takes effort and a little determination but nothing worth the time ever comes easy 👍

I like that motto btw my goto is "a knower on a path of knowing to discover the known" 😉

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