My Curation Report for @OneLoveDtube: 10 July 2019.

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Hello, Steemians!

I hope you're having a great day!

In this post I will be sharing my curation report for @OneLoveDTube.


I'm curating #DTube posts for @OneLoveDTube along with other curators.

Thanks to @graylan and @d00k13 to give me this chance to help other steemians.

Check out these amazing posts I curated.

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Have you ever doubted a thing? An what did you do to clear your doubt. by @k-banti.

Hello guys, hope I meet you all doing good. So for some couple of months I've actually been thinking on trying out the thing called Chroma key effect using green or blue screen. I've wondered how possible it could be or isn't there something there aren't telling us.

This video got 38% upvote from @OneLoveDTube.

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Do we create our lives? by @ourhappyplace.

We have the potential to create our lives as we please.
We have an energy source. We have the power.
And If we allow the Energy to flow through us, we can then focus it on whatever we want to achieve.
And where we focus our energy, that will grow and become more.

This video got 37% upvote from @OneLoveDTube.

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Dtube Daily : Hey Steemleo What's Your Opinion On BAT Tokens by @cflclosers.

In today's @dtube daily I want to learn from the @steem.leo community their thoughts on BAT token. Basic Attention token is listed on Coinbase and earned by clicking pop up ads when using the Brave browser.

This video got 34% upvote from @OneLoveDTube.

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Saving Another Plant & Testing Brandy Extract by @gitchemanitou.


This video got 33% upvote from @OneLoveDTube.

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The 'Half-Cab Heelflip' Trick by @nicolcron.

This weeks trick is the HALF-CAB HEELFLIP
My heelflip skills are a bit 'hit and miss' in general, but I have been known to fluke a slow sketchy one from time to time!

This video got 37% upvote from @OneLoveDTube.

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My Hope: To find great posts to curate.
Follow @OneLoveDTube to learn more about this project and how you can help.

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About Me


I'm a Writer (I write poems+short stories), Traveler (I travel whenever I get free times and resources as it's a part of my life actually), Photographer (I love it too much) and Designer (Currently I'm the lead designer of a private company).

As a steemian...

I'm a curator of @onelovedtube, @helpie and moderator of @actifit.
Yeah I 'm trying to be a successful steemian.

I am available at discord...
My Discord ID: ashikstd#5058

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That's all for now. I'll come with an interesting post again.

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Please support me to keep having more of my works and you can follow me, so that you can see my future posts and you're always welcome to my blog.

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"Be Good, Think Good and Do Good"

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Thank you so much @ashikstd
I really appreciate you featuring my dtube video and these other great videos my friend!
Have a good one!! =)

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my pleasure.
Liked your video and i could do this little for you.

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