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Hello Guys

Just few more info
We continue telling you about new products in Omega. And today we would like to talk with about Omega Forex💵, a simple solution for making big money.

Usually the procedure to set an account to use an offer of standard forex brokers is complicating as you have to process verification process with KYC (Know Your Client). It requires time and patience.

💶Thanks to our corporate cooperation we implemented a unique solution for people who want to make profits on forex market. Soon you will be able to set up your forex account within our Omega platform. Accounts provided under sublicense of our corporate agreement with our broker. No need in extra documents.

🏅Omega Forex advantages:

  1. Quick Forex account set-up process
  2. Safety of funds thanks to Omega coverage
  3. You can trade using all market instruments supported by our forex broker
  4. You can connect our Omega Signals to your account.

We tried to make the procedure as simple and quick as possible. Later we will provide you with more details about Omega Forex.

Get ready for new opportunities with Omega! Earnings at Forex has never been so simple and convenient!

Omega Forex will be available soon. Make sure you subscribe to our social networks so as not to miss the details!

It’s time for our regular Weekly Digest from Omega! So, let’s go.

As you know we are working hard on the Platform redesign, and it is almost done, so shall be ready soon. Hope you will all enjoy its new look.

The Website redesign is also in progress. We expect it to be ready in 2-3 weeks.

E-Wallets. The testing is already in progress. We are currently working on adding new wallets.

New forex product, the work on it is also in progress. Shall be done within 1-2 weeks.

OMEGA cards. We already started testing cards with chosen partners. The first withdrawals to cards have been processed and testing is going fine.

This is all for today. So, keep in touch not to miss the most interesting from Omega world.

🏆 OMEGA BEST. Company documents:
🏆 OMEGA BEST Mining farm Ukraine:


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