Omega Best Update doubled it. Now instead of 6%, you will get ✨12%✨

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Hello, Omega Community!

All that we do, we do to make you happy and to improve your life ❤️ Our way to do so is by supporting you expand your knowledge, for example by organizing for you Omega's Events - inspiring, energetic and rich in knowledge. Just like the last one on Bali! 🌴

We still under big impressions of you, our dearest friends and speakers, who performed on stage along with Bartosz Nafalski & Lucas Bozek, unitedly sharing knowledge & experience 🙌🏻

One thing is common for people like us: the impossibility of stop chasing new opportunities that, as we well know, appears on each step. Like in Omega!🌟

Because yes, in Omega's world opportunities appears every single day. From now on, for the next 15 days, you'll have occasion to doubled what you getting thanks to ⚡️12% Direct Bonus Promotion⚡️.

Yes! We doubled it. Now instead of 6%, you will get ✨12%✨

But, there are conditions. Doubled Direct Bonus Promotion applies exclusively from new purchases only. The 12% Direct Bonus Promotion runs for exactly 15 days - from 00:00 GMT 1.10.2019 until 00:00 15.10.2019 GMT. After this period of time, bonus will be equal 6% of final weekly amount again.

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